How it all began…

We started off as snakes thrown together at random in a Harry Potter-themed reading challenge in a group on Goodreads. Some of us were reluctant Slytherin members but since everyone in our house was so cool, we began to embrace our cunning sides and the colors green and silver.

After about 6 months, the Harry Potter challenge ended but we stuck together in our secret dungeon, our friendships remaining strong and steady, despite some of the changes that were made in our main group. About a month ago, Abbie, our fearless original Slytherin House Mistress had the brilliant idea to start a blog geared toward books and she put forth a call, seeking out collaborators from within our little group of snakes. The names you see below are those who said, “Sure, why not? Sounds fun!” The rest of our gang will hopefully sit back and enjoy what we produce here. Hopefully, new readers will, too!

The seven of us have a wide variety of reading tastes and styles and we hope that this blog will reflect that. We all share a nutty addiction to reading challenges, too, and are always looking for that obscure book with a cover featuring a kitten playing a violin while bathing in a tub of soapy water.

The seven of us are:

I am a bookaholic – This means I am incapable of walking into a bookshop without buying something; or reading a blog without writing a title and author down in a list; or joining in book reading challenges without buying, borrowing (I draw the line at stealing) more books!

I live in the tropical north of Australia and I have been married for over 35 years to my wonderful husband.

We have two grown-up daughters and three grandchildren.

I was born in England, brought up in Nigeria on the West coast of Africa, then my parents emigrated to Australia in 1970 and brought me with them!

Hubby and I are owned by a bossy, spoiled bad beagle boy – and we both love reading, socialising and travelling.

I am a chain reader! When one book ends, Another is opened! I am not picky about what I read, in fact I am very spontaneous in my reading choices, whatever book happens to fall in my path, is currently the book for me.

Currently living on the Planet Earth, in a small place called Texas. Just one of many places I have lived in my life time.

I live with one daughter, one husband, and hundreds of books. I run an online book club, and a Real-life Book Club. I never leave my house without a book, in fact it feels weird when I do!

Like the other authoresses here, I am a huge reader and lover of all things books. My favorite genre is Young Adult Fantasy, but I’m really a sucker for any good story.

When I’m not reading you can find me teaching my two kids, who I homeschool, or trying to decipher the new project my IT husband is planning (he always has one going!).

My favorite thing is to slip the kids over to Grandma’s and spend a few hours browsing the library alone. Okay, so it’s more like 30 minutes on the way to other errands, but hey, a mom can dream, right?

I read a bit of everything, from history to fantasy to non-fiction to graphic novels. My favorite genre is fantasy, mainly because I love dragons. Toothless from the HTTYD movies would be my ideal companion.

In real life I live outside Boston with my husband and the two best cats in the world, Oberyn and Winry. My husband is not a big reader and my cats’ contribution is curling up next to me or knocking books off the shelf.

Cocktail Phoenix
I am and always have been a bookaholic – do I need to say more?!

I prefer reading fantasy, but I do like a good crime novel or some chick-lit every now and then, as well as classics and historical fiction and… well, in short: I tend to read anything that strikes me as interesting.

I rarely ever leave the house without a book and I need to be restrained whenever I go to book fairs or second-hand book shopping. I always have a large bag with me, you know, just in case I find “a little something”. Needless to say that my shelves are starting to overflow, but does that stop me?!

Book Tiger
Here’s another one signing up for bookaholics anonymous!

I just adore books and I will read pretty much anything. Even genres I claim I don’t like (like chick-lit and romance) I have been known to delve into and come out alive. I have a library of almost 2000 actual books and earlier in 2015 I was introduced to the joys of the kindle, so I then completely lost count. Second-hand, new, expensive, free, borrowed, stolen, I don’t mind, as long as I can read it.

I live at the bottom of the world, in Adelaide in South Australia. I have a very tolerant husband, and two often difficult but always gorgeous children – 4 years and 18 months old. I spent almost 20 years living in the UK (where I ransacked the charity shops) but now we’re back here to settle, where I dream one day my darling husband will finally build me my library.

Another bookaholic anonymous member here.

I’ve always loved books but the earliest memory I have of independent reading of chapter books was when my mom handed me a copy of Beezus and Ramona, by Beverly Cleary, when I was about eight-years-old. I remember her saying, “This is a book about a little sister, just like you. I thought you might like it.” I was hooked and became a Ramona and reading fan for life. I remember inside each book there was a list of other books by the publisher, and I would circle those books that I wanted to look for at the store or library. Now, instead of circling in my books, I just write list after list of authors or titles I learn about from the many book-related newsletters that I receive in my E-mail. My Goodreads TBR has over 6000 titles that I may never get to but the list serves as a virtual reminder of books I’d like to read “someday”, just like those circled books were reminders when I made my journey to the store or the library.

I live in Texas, with my husband and son, who aren’t quite as crazy as I am when it comes to books but they do read, so I’ll keep them. We also have three black cats that love to sleep on my books.

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