The Bell Tower

The Bell Tower: A Haunted House MysteryThe Bell Tower: A Haunted House Mystery by Sarah Rayne

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

“Pray for me, for it will mean the dead bell has sounded and I have suffered Thaisa’s Fate”


Nell, an Antiques dealer buys a new shop, known in the 15th century as Glaums acre. …how little did Nell know that is holds a mystery still to this day.
Glaums Acre was once owned by the monastery Rede Abbas, and is still intertwined, leading Nell and her family on a hunt for the truth.
During The Benedict’s Revel, held by the monks each year, the hunt is on for Thaisa Song, long lost for Hundreds of years, little does everyone know, the song holds only death for its listener’s.
Nell finds old transcripts about the life of a Brother Andrew, you finds transcripts about Thaisa, and we learn the of the terrible fate that connects them all.
The same fate that now may effect Nell and her family.
Bodies discovered that look like they were buried alive, a mysterious song, that should not be discovered, and A Bell that seems to look like it comes to life.
To me this book was just okay, it had the potential to be so much better. Some parts just didn’t quite connect, especially towards the end.
I did enjoy the mystery and clues in the historical letter, but just didn’t like the modern day parts so much. Some of the modern letters didn’t really add much to the story. I think a few little adjustment and the book would have been so much better.

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