Clue: A Hogwarts Mystery

Coming Soon….

To AMMP Game Night, a Sister group To AMMP

Love Clue? Love Harry Potter? Love to Read?

Then this Game is for you!


After returning from his last Quidditch game, Harry notices that his Invisibility Cloak is missing! He is frantic and comes to you for help. You and a few Hogwarts friends have already figured out that the thief has hidden the cloak next to one of six items. Using your excellent crime solving skills and powers of deduction, you must uncover the truth- Which SUSPECT stole the cloak? Next to which ITEM was it hidden and in which ROOM? 

Object: 17330994-1
Be the first player to solve the mystery and return Harry’s cloak!

Check out the Rules at  Harry Potter Rulez! To see if this is the right Game for you. Find a few friends to join you, and let the Games begin!


Clue: A Hogwarts Mystery starts January 1st, so sign up now before it’s to late!


***Official Sign Up Link***



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