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Here at Book Charmers, we are working hard planning out our content for the new year!  We have quite a few Blog Memes and regular features that you will soon be seeing around here, some weekly and some only monthly.

Firelizard has already begun her Top Ten Tuesday posts, and these will continue every Tuesday.  These will feature various lists that we all try to contribute to and we hope you enjoy our various takes on what we are looking forward to reading and have been enjoying.

Waiting on Wednesdays will be done weekly by whoever claims it.  This is a feature about what we are looking forward to, maybe a new release, maybe just finally getting around to something that’s been on our list forever.  You never know!

Our fearless leader, Shotanagini, will be starting up her weekly series of A Book Nerd’s Struggle to Read Everything Ever Written.  Look for her reviews and thoughts on Fridays or Saturdays.

At least once a month I hope to do the blog meme Book Beginnings hosted by Rose City Reader.  In this one I post the first line of one of the books I have recently read and some discussion.  I’d love to see your first lines, too!

Sally906 has given us a beginning glimpse of her Books and Musings from Down Under feature.  Once a month she will update us on what she has been reading lately.  Also, Sally will do a monthly Literary Links sharing fun bookish-type links that she has found around the web.

Booktiger will give us some Brain Food each month as she posts on non-fiction she has read or is looking forward to.  That’s right, NON-FICTION, we have it all folks!

On the 12th of each month we will have a special post called “One Book, Two Views”.  We have randomly paired all the contributors and each month two of us will read the same book and give our thoughts on it.  We may both love it, or hate it, or we may have disagreements on which way to land.  Any way it works out, though, it promises to be interesting!  Our first month will be Shotanagini going head to head with Cocktail Phoenix.

Lastly, we will each be doing a post at the beginning of January filling out parts of the 2015 End of Year Book Survey.  It’s very long, so we each will choose what interests us to answer and will post those answers here for your enjoyment.

Looking forward to a great new year exploring books here at Book Charmers!


Keep Reading,



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