2016 Classics Challenge


In 2016, a few of our writers will be participating in the 2016 Classics Challenge (hosted by: You, Me and a Cup of Tea).  We have many classic books that we have been meaning to get around to reading, and this shall be the perfect chance for us all to get some more classics in our reading diet.

Here are the Month-by-Month themes, if you’d like to plan along with us:

January – A classic you’ve always wanted to read
February – A classic you’ve always dreaded reading
March – A classic you’ve been recommended
April – A classic you’ve seen the movie/miniseries/TV show of
May – An American classic
June – A British classic
July – A European classic (non-British)
August – A modern classic
September – A children’s classic
October – A classic by a female author
November – A classic by a male author
December – A classic written under a pseudonym

So, for January we will be starting with a classic that you’ve always wanted to read.  We will definitely be seeing posts by Serenity and Cocktail Phoenix, and we may see some other guest challengers drop in from time to time as well!

Let’s hear from the challengers!

Serenity: I’m looking forward to knocking some Classics off my to-read list this year! So often for me these get pushed aside by newer and shinier books, but now I have no excuse. And I’m really loving all the categories that the challenge creators have put together. It is definitely keeping me on my toes!

For January, I’m planning to read Dune. It’s a little of a stretch to fit in the “official rules” of the challenge (basically that it needs to be older than 50 years, and Dune was published exactly 50 years ago) but I’m going to count it. My 8th grade language arts teacher (he was awesome!) told me I should read this. Now, 20ish years later, I’m finally going to. Hope it’s as good as he promised! So for all the teachers out there, this book’s for you.

Cocktail Phoenix: I have always enjoyed classics, which is one of the reasons I studied literature. Lately though all those new and shiny books have taken precedence (same problem that Serenity has hehe) and I haven’t really read many classics over the last few years. This challenge thus comes as the perfect opportunity to change that again.

For January, I’ve decided to read “Jane Eyre”. The book appeared on the syllabus of quite a few courses but for some reason I always ended up on those courses who didn’t have it as required reading. Plus, it’s been recommended to me quite a few times so it’s definitely time to finally read it.

What will you be reading?  Leave us a comment and let us know.


3 thoughts on “2016 Classics Challenge

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