Book Charmers Reading Challenge 2016


The ladies of Book Charmers have created our own 2016 Reading Challenge. If anyone out there is interested in joining along, just copy our graphic to your blog or whatever tracking device you want to use and leave a comment here letting us know you’re participating so we can track your progress in addition to our own. Please be sure to link back to our blog, too. We’re also sharing this challenge with our Goodreads group, A Million More Pages.

The Tasks

1. Read a book with a title beginning with the same letter as your first name
2. Read a book you keep meaning to read but never get around to
3. A Shakespeare play
4. A book you chose based on the cover
5. A book with a food or drink in the title or pictured on the cover
6. A book published in 2016
7. Start a new series (can be one you’ve intended to start or one you’ve recently learned of)
8. Finish a series you’ve already started (however many books you have left in the series counts, no number required)
9. A book where the main character works in a profession that interests you
10. A book that was either a relative’s favorite book or author; or a book that makes you think fondly of a relative
11. Read a book outside of your comfort zone from your least favourite genre
12. Read a book which you talked about as if you’d read it, but actually hadn’t (go on, you know the book…!)
13. A book published in the year you were born
14. A book set in your home country/state/town
15. A book with the main page genre ‘poetry’ or a book written in verse
16. A book with nothing but the title and author on the cover
17. A book you got for free (library books don’t count for this one)
18. A book by an author with the same name as you (first name or last name is fine)
19. A book by an author who died in the last 5 years
20. A typical beach read
21. A book that was recommended to you
22. A book you started but never finished
23. Take a trip down memory lane – read a book you loved as a child
24. A 600+ pages book
25. A classic
26. A book set in a very cold place
27. A book translated into English
28. A book with a kitten on the front cover
29. A book with a musical instrument on the cover, eg. violin
30. A book set in space
31. A book where the author has the same initials as you
32. A book with a metallic looking cover
33. A book that was turned into a TV Show.
34. A book set in a country that is not USA
35. A book with snowflakes on the cover
36. A book by an author you love
37. A book by a new-to-you author
38. A standalone book
39. A fantasy book
40. A book turned into a movie
41. A book published before 1900
42. A children’s book
43. A book first published in January
44. A Banned Book
45. A book Recommended from a friend
46. A book with a Serial Killer
47. A book from the NY Times Best Seller List
48. A book from the horror genre
49. A mystery or thriller
50. An award winner (any award, any genre, children’s allowed)
51. A book with a lot of hype that you are almost afraid to read because of the hype
52. Read a book with a buddy and compare your thoughts after finishing


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