Devil’s Daughter

Devil's Daughter (Lucinda's Pawnshop, #1)Devil’s Daughter by Hope Schenk-de Michele

My rating: 2 of 5 stars


…Don’t get me wrong, this book had potential…but it seemed to just fall apart.
The concept was great, and I was really enjoying it the first few chapters. The Devils actual Daughter, who owns a Pawn Shop, and lures her clients in to help her father take their souls. A daughter who may not like the effect sometimes and tries to throw her father off his game. Loved it!
A pen with Gold Filigree, that tempts a Lawyer, A book of Spells that tempts a few teenage girls, and a Watch that brings out a husbands inner demons.

Now bringing them all together is where it lost me…I understand the how and why…but something just didn’t seem to fit.
The love Triangle didn’t work for me either…I didn’t care for it much at all, I completely got the light verses dark, and how maybe, just maybe they were meant to be together….but wait…the Good guy confesses he killed his father, and Lucinda marries him with out telling him who she really is..
Downfall… least for me.
I so wished the ending was different, it might have moved it up the rating scale for me.

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