Books around the Web: Chick Lit

Books around the Web: Chick Lit

Around the middle of each month I am going to post about interesting book related links I’ve found around the web. Sometimes they will be all bunched under a theme – at other times the only things they have in common is that they are about books, readers of books, mentions of books. Like my reading the posts will be eclectic and mood driven.

My first post is themed around one of my favourite genres – Chick/Hen’s Lit.

So what is chick lit? Well it is not romance. Like Chick lit, romance is mostly aimed at women, but were they differ is that romance is about when a woman meets a man, there are a few misunderstandings, hurdles to overcome, before they can finally fall in love – and it is all wonderful and the story ends on a blissed out high. Chick lit is more than that – in fact finding a man is not the main objective, although there may be a sort of a romance going on at some stage, often the intrepid heroine is recovering after a nasty breakup or divorce, and so surviving life without a man is often the main objective. In chick lit humour is an overall must have. The relationship with family and friends is just as important as romantic relationships for our heroine, and there often is a new man in the heroine’s life who has to overcome all her issues before he can even make first base. Learning to cope alone after being so dependent, or not allowed to be dependent, is another common theme.

I’ve heard of Chick Lit – but what the heck is Hens Lit?” I hear you ask. Well Hen’s Lit is chick lit for the older women; I have also seen it referred to as granny lit, matron lit and lady lit. Not sure I like the descriptor Matron lit personally. However, whatever term used, they are books that are aimed at the older women in our society – the women who deal with the gritty subjects of hot flushes, aging bodies, widowhood, empty nest syndrome and sexual needs (yes older women like sex too) and who want books to reflect that. Like Chick lit, Hens lit books cover those subjects in a humorous way that older women can relate too. Hens lit is almost the next stage after romance – set once widowhood has arrived – or divorce – and the intrepid heroine has to start over.

Despite being one of the biggest selling genres after romance, many female readers turn their noses up at chick lit and say that Chick lit is derogatory to women. I say poppycock – I am a woman, I am not going to insult myself, I don’t think they are offensive. I am an educated and intelligent woman and I love the genre – so there!

Australian comedienne, Wendy Harmer, explains Chick lit:

Is chick lit dead? Or has it just morphed?

And this link will take us to information on Hens lit:…

It is good to have older heroines

Finally Cindy Roesel from Chick Lit Central says that we are all chicks regardless of whether we are 18 or 108:…

You know, I think she could just be right – I’m a Chick and proud of it!!!

Lists of chick lit books:

Chick Lit’s Top 100:

Goodreads lists:

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