BrotherBrother by Ania Ahlborn

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Where to even start! Right off the bat, that first chapter pulls you in and wanting more!

Michael is in the family business…..of killing. Each family member has their own part in it, and together they hunt, torture, kill, and dispose the bodies.
Now Michael, doesn’t feel quite right about it, but he doesn’t really know much better since he has been raised this way. He has doubts, but to question “Mama” can only lead down one path.

We find out that Michael was raised with the family, “found” as a child the Morrows take him in and raise him as their own. The Morrows have three other Children, LauraLynn, Ray(Rebel), and Misty Dawn.

As children LauraLynn is sent to “The Grandparents” house, for calling out Mama, and Rebel has always believed it was Michael’s fault. Rebel has always had a problem with Michael from the start, and has tried to get rid of him all on his own, but this just makes matters even worse for the poor boys.

Now in their twenties, Rebel has taken an interest in Michael, wants to have that brotherly bond. Michael who just wants to smooth things over, doesn’t realise the mess and madness Rebel is about to put him through.
The rest, is history, as they say….I don’t want to give too much away.

Pure genius! Lots of twist and turns, you will never see coming. This is what made this book so awsome! We all knew from the start that Rebel was a bad guy, but we never fully understand how devious he is until the end.

This book will definitely keep you up all night reading…just to see what happens

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