WWW Waiting on Wednesday – 20 January 2016


What did you just finish?

How did this happen? Last time I wrote a WWW post, I had just finished Magic Strikes by Ilona Andrews and I was waxing lyrical about how fabulous it was. This time, I have literally just finished Magic Bleeds by Ilona Andrews which is Book #4 in the Kate Daniels series, and I am not sure I have any wax left to be lyrical about. It almost goes without saying that this book was fantastic. In fact, fantastic just doesn’t cover it. This series goes from strength to strength and despite all of them receiving 5 stars from me on GoodReads, it is only because I am not allowed to give them 6 stars or even 7 stars. I can safely say, I am completely hooked by Kate and Curran.

In this book, sorry for the spoiler, but Kate and Curran finally get it together. The truth is, they have been circling each other for three books already so it was right that Kate finally let her defences down enough to let His Gorgeous, Arrogant Furriness in. But while that was happening, Kate’s ancestry was starting to finally catch up with her and she finds herself face to face with an ancient, powerful family member who is after her blood. The cat is out of the bag at last, and I am so eager to see where the story goes next. I suspect bringing Kate and Curran together isn’t going to end the tension between them, as there was a tantalising hint of a possible contender dropped towards the end (Hugh? Methinks there is more to your interest than just assassination…) but if you haven’t read this series, do it. Now. Seriously. Drop everything else and read it. You won’t regret it.


What are you currently reading?

When I finally crossed over to the other side last year and entered the amazing world of Kindle readers, one of the things I did was to sign up to Netgalley. Until a short while ago, I hadn’t requested many titles, but in the past weeks they have been building up so I decided that I needed to pull my finger out and actually read some of them so as to improve my requesting/reviewing ratio. So I’m currently reading The Blackthorn Key by Kevin Sands which is a Netgalley review copy.

This book is pitched at Middle Grade level, so I kind of imagine it as the target Harry Potter readers. Once you have a book as good as Harry Potter though, you can’t help but compare and although this book isn’t in the same league, it seems really good. The main character, a 14 year old boy called Christopher is an apothecary’s apprentice in the late 17th century. When a series of murders starts in London, his master, Benedict Blackthorn, starts to behave strangely. Before long, Blackthorn himself is a victim and Christopher is left with nothing but a ciphered message from his Master to try to find out what is going on and to save himself from being the next victim.

It is a fun and gripping read. It isn’t historically accurate, but then no middle grade reader is going to care one bit about that. Christopher is a wonderful main character and I am really enjoying the book. I’m glad, because of the five Netgalley books I have read and reviewed so far, only one of them has managed to get 4 stars. The rest have been pretty ordinary.


What do you plan to read next?

My next book will depend very much on what my team challenges call for today, but irrespective, I have 11/22/63 by Stephen King due back at the library next week and I am not able to renew it, so that has to take precedence. I often avoid 800+ page books simply because I usually need to get through books reasonably quickly for my different challenges, but this one had been recommended to me so many times that I bit the bullet. It is a really interesting, typical Stephen King, premise. Jake is introduced to a window in time which he can step into and find himself in the same town, but on a particular day in 1958. Whatever he does will change the future, but the future doesn’t like to be changed and, what’s worse, whenever he goes back to his own time and then returns, it all resets. I can tell that it isn’t going to end well. I have read enough Stephen King to know that things are going to get very creepy and very weird. What I need is a nice long, uninterrupted afternoon to get it read (I can but dream). He is a true master of writing and, as much as the good story, I love reading his books so I can stand in awe at his mastery of the craft.


What am I waiting on?

This is a no-brainer. I finished listening to A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas this month on audio and, well, let’s just say I liked it. A lot. I’m not going to say much about it here as I am joining up with Serenity to do a One Book, Two Views review next month. Let’s just say that I am waiting, panting, for A Court of Mist and Fury to come out in May. It is very, very rare for me to be waiting on a new release like this but I’ll have my finger over the buy button the instant it becomes available…


3 thoughts on “WWW Waiting on Wednesday – 20 January 2016

  1. Terrific post! That middle book sounds good. Will have to look for it. I have heard a lot of good things about the Stephen King book. I need to read it, too.


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