2016-Week 4: A Book Nerds Struggle To Read Everything Ever Written


Book 8: Hit Me, By Lawrence Block


-John Keller #5

-2 Stars

-Finished 1/15/16

…just don’t hit me again…a contact killer/stamp collector who takes jobs around the world, and comes home to tell is wife about it, who gets off on it??? Only picked it up for a # 5 series.

Not recommended.

Book 9: Snow Flower And The Secret Fan by Lisa See


-4 stars

-Finished 1/16/16

Set in 19th Century China, this book is about two young girls, growing up and struggling throughout their life. One born of money, falls “downhill”, and the girl born with nothing, moves up in society. The book follows Lily and Snow Flower all through their life, while we learn the heartache and pain, girls in China had to live with in that day of age. Not sure why I put this one off so long. A must Read!

Book 10: Walk on Earth a Stranger by Rae Carson


-Gold Seer Trilogy #1


-2 stars

-Finished 1/20/16

One of my favorite group challenges has arrived! Super Series Challenge at The Challenge Factory.

First Roll was a book set in California. Playing for team Se7en. Below is my review.

Want Historal fiction????Go somewhere else…Guess it must be the history buff in me. I started out kind of enjoying it, but once the parents got killed…it went downhill for Lee…and Me…

Uncle kills the parents, and trys to tske her because she can sniff out gold, with her witchy sense.

She runs awat, try to pretend to be a boy, and joins a Wagon Train to California to the big Gold stike in California. Her half Indian childhood friend and her met up, and join the train. But, she acts so femine…how can they not know she is a woman…plus throw in come degrading comment about being a half breed.

They follow even though they know what is happening around them is morally wrong…Just leave already! Travel on your own!

Next we find out that almost everyone knew she was a girl…anf they are okay with her staying, and sleeping under the wagon with the boys???

Lets not forget abou the young boy who keeps wondering off, and no parent seems to care, until they cant find him. The last time the boy went misding, only Lee and Jeff went looking for him, the boys father stayed in camp….

Ugg..anyho…dont read it, have no idea how it was so highly rated in the first place…

Book 11: The Thousand Names by Django Wexler

-Shadow Campaigns #119486440

-5 Stars

-Finished 1/23/16

BeBest Book so far this year!!!

Very reminisce of the Civil War, except with a few fantastical twist in there…perfect. We follow several people during this once. A woman passing as a man in the Military, A commanding officer who is “just following” orders, and another man from the opposing tribe. The quest for The Thousand Names leads everyone on a chase that will never be forgotten!


Book 12:

…until next week


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