Top Ten Favorite Historical Authors


Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.  This week’s Top Ten Tuesday prompt was titled “Top Ten Historical Settings You Love/Ten Historical Settings You’d Love To See or Top Futuristic Books You Love/Ten Futuristic Societies I’d Love To Read in Books — basically this week is all about the past or the future….spin it however you choose!” We decided to feature a few of favorite historical authors.

Tudor (1485-1603): Named for the rule of the Tudor dynasty – Sally906

I am settling for the Tudor era because I really admire the Tudor women – all 6 wives of Henry (and his sister and niece Mary Queen of Scots) and the events behind the scenes of those marriages. Then there are his two daughters and poor little Lady Jane Grey. Many of the wives were helpless pawns and came to a sticky end – the two daughters managed to survive by playing all sorts of games – they were both very smart to survive.

My favourite character was Elizabeth – what a powerful personality she was.

As to my recommendations these are as follows:
Easy reading would be the Tudor Court Series by Philippa Gregory which covers all the Tudor women and starts with The Constant Princess

I also like Jean Plaidy‘s Tudor Saga Series that starts with Henry VII in To Hold the Crown. Her writing is a little dated now in style, and a little dry in spots – but I lapped them all up in my teens. She writes about the Tudor men as well as the women.

Regency (1811-1820): Named for when George IV was named regent in place of his insane father, George III – Lioness

Regency is a popular time period to set romance novels, but the quintessential Regency era books are Jane Austen‘s novels. I consider Pride and Prejudice to be her best work, with Emma and Persuasion as extremely close seconds. One of my favorite romances that starts in the time period is Julia Quinn‘s Bridgertons series.

Victorian (1837-1901): Named for Queen Victoria’s reign – Lioness

Another popular time to set romance novels. My personal favorites would be Lisa Kleypas‘s Wallflowers and Hathaways series and Courtney Milan‘s Brothers Sinister series. My favorite classic novel from that era is North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell.

Alternate History: Because I love a what if – Lioness

Gail Carriger‘s Parasol Protectorate series is a Victorian set steampunk series with vampires, ghosts, and shifters galore. The main character of the series, Alexia Tarrabotti is a preternatural, that is her touch negates supernatural powers.

Diana Gabaldon‘s Outlander series is set in multiple time periods, from Post World War II to the Scottish highlands in the Stuart era, the House of Bourbon era in France, and the United States Revolutionary War, and many more.

Anne Bishop‘s The Others series has one of my absolute favorite settings. It’s a very different alternate history in that while it is set on Earth, society developed differently. Check out a sample of the book to see how.



4 thoughts on “Top Ten Favorite Historical Authors

    • I didn’t realize it was such a specific time period until I was looking it up to see what other books I enjoyed were set there. I think of regency romance being a common phrase, but most of the books I had thought of were set in the Victorian era.


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