2016-Week 7: A Book Nerds Struggle To Read Everything Ever Written


Book 16: Evil At Heart by Chelsea Cain

Archie Sheridan & Gretchen Lowell #36193923-1

-Finished 2/8/18

-4 stars

Wow, another Great book to the Series! This one has a little twist…was Gretchen involved or not?…guess you will need to read it to find out.

This has become one of my favorite series, and can wait to see what Gretchen is up to next!

Book 17: A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness

-Finished 2/9/168621462-1

-4 Stars

I would have never picked this book if it weren’t for my Face to Face book Club, Book Pub. Not my usual type of book, so I was honestly surprised I enjoyed it as much as I did.

The Illustrations were pretty neat too!

Book 18: The Three-Body Problem by Liu Cixin

Remembrance of Earth’s Past #120518872


-Finished 2/10/16

-Three Stars

All I can say…is odd….beautiful cover though. But I had no idea what was going on through half the book. The half I did understand was great.


Book 19: The Incurables by Jon Bassoff


-Finished 2/11/16

-3 Stars

Review coming soon to Book Charmers



Book 20:

….until next week




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