Top Ten Books if you are in the Mood for X


Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s topic is the top ten books we would recommend if you are in the mood for X.

I’m in the mood for CRIME:
The gory kind: The Crucifix Killer
Chris Carter writes the gory, hard-core kind of crime. Most of the chapters in his books end on cliffhangers, which keep you reading and reading until you finally know what’s going on and by that time you have somehow reached the conclusion, mind-blown about how it all came to that. I personally enjoy his writing because it’s hard to guess who the murderer might be and because Robert Hunter is a special kind of detective. His excuse for spewing a lot of (interesting) information is that he reads a lot. But of course, the crime scenes and/or killing scenes, as some chapters are written from the point of view of the killer, aren’t exactly made for the faint of heart.

The romantic kind: Die For Me
Karen Rose writes romantic suspense, crime novels with a full-blown romance. In this particular novel, the first of hers I’ve read, the crime part keeps the reader guessing for quite a good part of the story, while the romance makes you wonder if there is a happy ending for the intended couple. It all mixes together into a nice blend of awesome reading.

– as recommended by Cocktail Phoenix

I’m in the mood for FANTASY:

Poison Study
Pure old-school fantasy, no paranormal bleed through. Magic, an unusual world, and a wonderful love interest.

I’m in the mood for HISTORICAL FICTION:

The Tea Rose
So hard to choose just one from all the different eras out there! This whole series was a good 4 stars for me.

– as recommended by Serenity

I’m in the mood for an AUSTRALIAN AUTHOR:

When it comes to Australian Authors I am spoiled for choice! We have some fantastic authors and picking just one is daunting!

If I am in a mood for:
Sci-fi – My sci-fi Aussie of the moment is Leonie Rogers starting with Frontier Incursion – I dare you to read this edge of the seat adventure and not want your very own starcat!

MysteryKatherine Howell starting with Frantic – if you have young children – or even know people with young children you will find yourself as frantic as the MC!

RomanceRachael Johns – any of her books but start with her Bunyip Bay series  Outback Dreams

FantasyKate Forsyth has fairytale retelling aced! And writes for children, YA and adults. Testimony of how high I rate her work is that I pre-order them as soon as I hear of their release and they are huge!!! Her adult books are standalones but start with Bitter Greens

Humour/Chick LitIlsa Evans – start with Flying the Coop

I have left many friends out and for that I apologise. If you want to wander over to my Australian Author list you will find a huge list of Aussie ideas across many genres:…

– as recommended by Sally906

I’m in the mood for a SCI-FI book that feels like FANTASY:

Black Sun Rising by C.S. Friedman is the first book of the Coldfire Trilogy
The setting is the planet Erna where the people of Earth have settled after traveling for a new planet. The initial colonists were almost  wiped out by creatures created by the “Fae”, a natural force that causes the thoughts of people (conscious, subconscious and unconscious) to manifest themselves physically 1200 years later, the survivors live in a medieval like society where sorcerers and adepts help keep the Fae at bay and find that their presence has altered the native species of the planet. This series is technically a sci-fi book, but it feels like fantasy.

– as recommended by Lioness


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