Ten Characters We Love to Hate


Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week we had the option of choosing between “top ten characters everyone loves but I just don’t get” or “top ten characters I love but others seem to dislike”.  Maybe it’s the Valentine’s Day backlash, but we at Book Charmers seemed to have no problem coming up with those we not only didn’t get, but most we absolutely hated.  So prepare yourself, you may come away offended ;).

For probably the first time ever, we came up with a list of exactly ten, so in order of least votes to the most, here is Top Ten:

Number 10:  Elphaba from Wicked.


Nominated by Serenity.

Unfortunately, Elphaba and I just didn’t click.  In fairness, I did not finish this book, so I reserve the slight chance that things changes for the better.  But for the first 60 or so pages I read, this book was just not for me and neither was Elphaba.”


Number 9:  Inspector Poirot from Hercule Poirot Series.


Nominated by Sally906.

“I don’t get Inspector Poirot – I loath both him and his little grey cells!!!! “



Number 8Betsy Taylor from Undead and Unwed.


Nominated by Cocktail Phoenix.

“So annoying, cussing all over the place and mouthing off to everyone without reason for the most part and just in general off-putting. “



Number 7: Saira from Marking Time .

27401657 (1) Nominated by Booktiger.

“I don’t know if it is just because of the narrator (who sounds petulant no matter what she says) but I absolutely hate Saira, the MC. She’s judgemental, arrogant, annoying, and all she ever seems to do is ‘glare’ at people or ‘roll her eyes’ or hit them like a toddler might hit. I don’t know, maybe I might warm a bit more to her if I read the book, but frankly, I can’t see what everyone else sees in her.”

Number 6: Meagan from The Iron King.

6644117 Nominated by Booktiger.

“Similar reasons – someone give that girl a slap and send her to her room, please.



Number 5: Liesel Meminger from The Book Thief.

19063 Nominated by Cocktail Phoenix.

“One I dislike but everyone loves is Liesel Meminger.  There was no real connection to Liesel.”



Number 4: The Narrator from Rebecca.

12873 Nominated by Serenity.

“I feel bad for her, but I also kinda hate her. She’s just so uncomfortable and self-conscious all the time!”



Number 3: Amy Dunne from Gone Girl.

19288043Nominated by Serenity and Reesiereads.

Serenity: “Not sure if people like her or just the book, but I truly did not like her!”

Reesiereads: “What’s to like about Amy Dunne? She’s a horrible person.”


Number 2: Charley Davidson from First Grave on the Right.

8788554 Nominated by Cocktail Phoenix and Reesiereads.

Cocktail Phoenix: “I’m sorry, but I hated her personality, and most of all the fact that she has the hots for a guy who practically tried to rape her when they first met (no matter how hot he later looks with the tattoos and the whole bad-ass image).”

Reesiereads: “Yeah, I kinda went back and forth on Charley Davidson when I read some of One Foot…. I liked some of her snarky or sarcastic ways but then I didn’t like some of her quirks either.”

And our Number 1 Character we Love to Hate is…

BELLA SWAN from Twilight.

41865 Nominated by those who want no tomatoes thrown at them 😉

“I hated whiny, self-centered Bella from the Twilight series.
We’ll be slandered if we mention this, won’t we?”

“I am another Bella disliker – I just wanted to smack her. She was more like two year old than a woman in love!”


What do you think?  Let us know in the comments!

Check back next week to see what our next crazy Top Ten will reveal…


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