2016-Week 8: A Book Nerds Struggle To Read Everything Ever Written


..okay, well super Late…but what the check. Real life has been holding me back!

Book 20: The  Rebel Queen by Michelle Moran

-Finished 2/13/1522609433

-4 stars

Michelle Moran has recently become one of my favorite historical fiction writers. This is  must read book by here.

Great story!


Book 21: The Body by Stephen King

-Finished 2/15/111574

-3 Stars

-Not my favorite short story by Mr. King, but I have been meaning to read it for years.

Book 22:  Scent of Danger by Autumn Dawn

-Finished 2/15/16

-Darklands #39534351

-A freebie from a few years back…guess now I know why it was free. Don’t bother reading it…If you happen to pick it up too.

Book 23: Fatal Voyage by Kathy Reichs

-Finished 2/18/16

– 4 Stars881378

-Temperance Brennan #4

– Best Book all week! I had been meaning to continue the series for a long time, but never seemed to go and pick it up. Now I am wishing I had pick ed it up sooner, it definitely didn’t let me down. Now go get to that # 5…so many books…so little time….


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