Books around the web – April

My favourite book links

I thought I would share a few of my ‘Bookie’ links with you this month. Where I go to get inspired to read – a few of my sources of information


FANTASTIC FICTION is a wonderful source – having information on over 30,000 authors and 350,000 books. There are also list about new authors, new books, books coming soon, most Popular and top authors. A favourite of mine are the countries list (want to read a book set in Eritrea or Montserrat – they’re on the list) the years list (need an author who was born or died in 1943 – it’s on the list) and the awards (which includes a list of most awarded books). The site is just information and there is no forum or chit chat – but you will spend hours wandering through it.


GOODREADS is the place to go if you want to talk about books with other people. Not only will you find reviews about books – you can make friends, discover which of your friends are already there and if you like chatting books then you will find a group to suit just about every reading scenario you would like. Within the groups are reading related games, reading challenges (oh be still my beating heart) and there are even some giveaways and lists of books. You like dragons – search Listopia and there will be dragon book suggestions coming out of your ears!!! It is free to join and you can track your books on your own set of shelves – and there is an Apple application so you can tell at a glance what books you already own so there is no double ups when you’re in a book shop. I belong to a few groups and I am kept very busy reading and discussing books and off topic subjects.


STOP YOU’RE KILLING ME – if you like reading mysteries the ‘Stop You’re Killing Me’ is my favourite go to page. There is a list of authors each with a chronological list of their books which covers both their series and stand-alones. There are also indexes to help you find characters who live in particular countries (a PI from Mexico maybe) or by occupations (an investigator who is a dancer – or an Interior decorator maybe) there is even an area to search for elderly people or Amish; historical era (Ancient Egyptian mystery anyone?) as well as type of mystery – cosy, hard boiled, vampire, physiological Triller. This site will certainly fill up your notebook with new suggestions to follow up on.


PACK A BOOK – Are you an armchair traveller? Then Pack-a-book is the site for you. Pick a country – click on the link and you will get a list of books set in that country – both fiction and non-fiction.  They also have a face book page and have one country one book email travel sessions, which sound interesting but I’ve never taken a plunge – maybe this year:


If you were to join us right now you would be standing at the natural harbor in the town of Poole on England’s south-coast, ready to begin the journey. Your bags are packed, mainly with books of course, and your spirits high, as you prepare to board the ferry that will take you across the ocean.


But where will the first stop be? Well – we’re not giving out any secrets here. To find out – you’ll have to take the plunge and join us.



You can also find this post over on Books and Musings from Downunder



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