Classics Challenge: April Wrap Up


We are a few days late wrapping up our April classics, but we got there!  Our plans got a bit disrupted for April, but don’t we say that every month?  Anyway, here are our reviews…

45032Serenity:  Unfortunately, due to some of my crazy challenges, I was unable to get to North and South this month. Instead, I switched it for Mansfield Park, as I am a huge fan of Jane Austen. This is the last of her major novels that I had yet to read, so I was excited to get to finish my list!

It took me a while to get into this one, even though I love Jane Austen. Fanny is definitely a hard to like character, not one of Austen’s normal heroines at all. I, however, identified with her quite a bit as I used to be that shy, nervous type. I think that helped me feel for her, where most reviewers just find her annoying. By the end, though, she began to grow and I enjoyed seeing her begin to stand up for herself and come into her own.

I still love Pride and Prejudice the most, but I wouldn’t turn my nose up to a second (or more!) reading of this one. Definitely recommended to Austen fans, but if you’ve never read one of Austen’s works, I wouldn’t start with this one. Four Charms.

17029230170292421702927117029282 Cocktail Phoenix: I really wanted to read The Last Unicorn this month but unfortunately challenges demanded that I change my choice to The Fellowship of the Ring.

I’ve seen the movie many times and enjoy it every time I watch it. I have to admit that it was actually a great help when reading the book. For those characters present in both book and movie, I had a face to go with the name and I could picture the places they visited from what I had seen in the movie. Usually, it would be the other way around, seeing the thing you imagine while reading (hopefully) come to life in the movie but I do not regret having done it the other way around for the Lord of the Rings.

There were a few scenes and characters that were different, Arwen for instance has barely any presence at all in the book, but all in all, I found the movie followed the book fairly closely and captured the idea of the plot quite nicely.

Unlike what I’ve been told many times, the descriptive narration wasn’t all that bad. Sure, Tolkien has a knack for going off on tangents and explanations that are not absolutely necessary, but I didn’t find it as long-winded as I had been warned it was. The only thing that put me off was the singing, oh the many songs…

The Fellowship of the Ring was definitely an enjoyable read and I am glad to have finally picked up this classic.



And what is May going to bring?

May asks us to read an American classic. If our plans aren’t going to be foiled by challenges (again), Serenity is going to read The House of Mirth and Cocktail Phoenix is going to read The Scarlet Letter.


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