Sunset Park – Santino Hassell

Sunset Park (Five Boroughs #2)Sunset Park by Santino Hassell

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Reesiereads here — Going to try this new thing where I post more of my reviews here. I am not the greatest at writing these in eloquence but I write from the heart, usually with a lot of emotion for how the book affected me personally.

Loved this second book in the Five Burroughs series! I just adore David & Raymond, even though I wanted to knock their heads together so many times! The tension when these two wouldn’t communicate made me pull out a few hairs but I hung in there because this writer is so good, I knew he wouldn’t disappoint me in the end. Despite their crazy crossed wires, I do love the dialogue that takes place throughout this book. These characters and their lives are so real, so authentic. All of my senses felt what was happening in this book, as if I were watching it all go down in front of me, an observer hanging back a few feet from these guys as they lived their lives. That is terrific writing right there.

I love Raymond, like everyone else who meets him but I have to say, David is incredibly endearing to me. Maybe it’s because I could relate to a lot of his feelings, his anxieties over an uncertain future with Raymond, always choosing the wrong person to be with an ending up hurt (did that many times before I met my husband), his OCD and need to control things, his OVER THINKING! Ugh, I over think so much. I have the same need to know why and how and what will be the result of any given decision I make and it drives me batty. (When typing out reviews, I over think what I’m saying. I’m trying not to do that right now!) Raymond is the perfect complement to David’s over thinking tendencies. We need people like Raymond to keep our heads anchored and to give our brains a break. And Raymond needs someone sweet and loving and attentive (totally swooned every time David would fiddle with Ray’s clothes!) like David to remind him that he is good people and he is so much more than his job and financial status!

Even though this is a Raymond thought, it resonates so deeply with me: “At this point, I was afraid to find out the answers to those questions, but that wouldn’t stop me from trying. Masochism was legit.” Preach, Raymond!

The cuddles in this were off the charts adorable and even steamy in their sweetness. I’m telling you, Santino Hassell has a GIFT when it comes to setting a scene, whether it is smut (oh yes, he is GOOD with the smut) or playful affection. I just wanted to hop on into a cuddle session with David & Raymond. Hey, Ray’s bi so he might be okay with that, right?! LOL.

There is a lot of heart and a lot of humor in this book, along with some hot sexytimes. The Grindr stuff was both hilarious and sexxxy. Oh, I do love a good sexting scene! Especially if it leads to real contact. The sex itself, tho. *pants and fans self* The phrase “panty melter” comes to mind…

Can’t wait to get to the next book in this series. It’s waiting for me. I’ll be re-reading 5b many, many times, I suspect. Rated

~ reesiesig

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