Classics Challenge – July!


Wow, so hard to believe that it’s the end of July already!  Where did the month go?  Hope it was as full of good reads as our was :D.

July’s theme was A European classic (non-British).  Let’s see what Cocktail Phoenix thought first…

Cocktail Phoenix: For July’s task, a European, but non-British, classic, I wasn’t quite sure 157993what to pick up but all the French classics that came to mind seemed very large and I would have had to start them earlier to be able to finish for this month.

I can’t quite remember if I ever read The Little Prince in its entirety when I was young. I do remember an extract relating to the rose, but other than that… So after a bit of debating back and forth, I decided to just go with it and finally read it.

The writing style seemed very odd to me and the story in general left me with a bit of a question mark stamped across my face. But I can definitely understand the appeal of the story, especially when read to children as the ideas and morals portrayed are important ones – and they will most likely never lose their value considering how much time has passed since the book was written and our modern times, and the principle of what is essential is invisible to the eye still remains as true now as it was then.

Not my favourite classic, but I can appreciate the reasoning behind such a story.

3 Charms.  170292301702924217029271


Serenity: For my non-British classic, I really wanted to go with Les Misérables since I started that last year and have been only sporadically working on it since.  BUT…life.  And 1400+ pages mixed with life was just a no-go this month.  So, instead I decided to 54479read Around the World in 80 Days by Jules Verne.  And I loved it!  I actually did an audio for this one and the Narrator, Frederick Davidson, was phenomenal!  Except his girl’s voice, but honestly, the lone female in this novel didn’t speak much, so not a big deal.

The story itself was pure adventure.  It is a fun story without all the deeper things that sometimes get dragged into classics.   That’s not the say the characters didn’t have
depth…they did…but the story was just more about the adventure and fun of the journey than it really was about watching a character grow.  I would love to read this to my kids as it shows so many great examples of how to act and react to the things life throws at you, all with a dash of adventure and humor!

Every once in a while, Verne does get a little long winded on the travel descriptions, but other than that this is a nice, easy entry into Classics for any who are intimidated by them.

So, 5 charms for me as I just needed this dose of fun and lighthearted reading this month!



In August we will return with a Modern Classic!  Until then, keep reading 🙂


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