Luxury Apartments For Rent- Move In Today

The Graveyard Apartment: A NovelThe Graveyard Apartment: A Novel by Mariko Koike

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Right from the first page, this book just catches you attention!

Starts with an advertisement for a brand new apartment ready to see with affordable prices.

Families start moving in, and all is great…except for the graveyard that happens to be on three sides of this luxury building…(as if nothing seems odd about that).

The Kano family, who have had its set backs, hopes for a new start. They move into the apartment of their dreams, only to find out that all their neighbors are starting to move out…and fast.
The Basment seems to ward off all its residents…but who wants to go down anyway, the elevator is the only way down, no stairs, or anyway out if people get traped.

As the neighbors dwindle, the apartment starts to try to keep them in. Elevators get stuck, Windows won’t open, doors won’t budge. At last the Kano’s are left by themselves after trying to move…and the apartment will never Let them leave.

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