One Book – Two Views: How (not) to kiss a toad by Elizabeth A. Reeves

One book – two views is where two different bookcharmers read the same book and record their thoughts – sometimes they agree the book is great – sometimes they both think it’s bad – but more usually they have divergent thoughts!

This month the book is: How (not) to kiss a toad by Elizabeth A. Reeves

It is the 1st book in the Cinder Eller series

Shotanagini’s Review:

This book was cute-in a teenie-bopper sort of way.

Not my typical choice in books, but it was a quick fun read.

The main character is a Witch who uses magic to make the most delicious desserts ( it made me hungry just reading about them) and an odd curse of turning men, who she kisses into Toads.

I really wasn’t feeling the male lead here; he pretty much stole from her, and was a bit childish. The Bakery owners were pretty much the same, I really didn’t understand their role of negativity during all the commotion. Then kicking her out, when she discovers that her boyfriend (said man from above) was lying and stealing from her?

I did love her family, and her two room-mates. They are what made the story.

The theme throughout was trying to figure out why she kept turning men into Toads, and how to change back one particular Toad, who didn’t want to go back to human form. It wasn’t until Timothy (boyfriend) was turned into one, after they made up, that she was really adamant to try and figure out her curse.

Honestly Timothy should have remained one in my book.

Rating: 3 Stars

Sally906’s Review:

HOW (NOT) TO KISS A TOAD is a wonderful example of a fluffy paranormal romance, and was just what I was looking for.

Cindy is a witch, although her mother prefers the term Magical Being. While her sisters all did well with their magical studies, Cindy flunked out big time – and the only magic she’s aware of is when she kisses a man he turns into a toad – and the uglier his inner personality the uglier the toad. She firmly believes when Mr Right comes along he won’t turn, but so far she has been out of luck. The book opens with her bringing home a particularly repulsive toad called Nathan, but unlike the other toads before him he doesn’t revert back to human a short time later – he just sits around and annoys her with his toad slime.

What Cindy does do right though is bake – it almost seems as though her latent magic is pouring itself into her cakes and the bakery she works at reaps the rewards of her beautiful creations. Enter one drop-dead gorgeous guy – Timothy – the sort of male who makes your ovaries sit up and sing! He even loves toads!!! He has no idea she is magical – which is just as well because the Witches Council are not happy with Cindy’s ability to turn her boyfriends into toads so are going to remove her powers. Her latest step-father thinks he can help Cindy and agrees to train her. Which could be a good thing; because she’s losing her job, trying to hide the repulsive toad from his girlfriend (looks like he deserved to be a toad for being a two-timing creep) and trying not to kiss the hubba bubba Timothy. To help Cindy not lose her magic, her mother, sister and step-father all try to weld their magic to change Nathan back but he is a particularly stubborn toad!

Cindy is a very likeable character and I loved her two roommates – the three women are a great support team for each other – true friendship!! Her love interest, other than being gorgeous outside, is far from perfect. Timothy is not really a nice person – he stole from Cindy and lied to her, then gets all huffy when he finds out she is magical and hadn’t told him. Which is probably why he gets turned into a toad – albeit a pretty one.

I was sucked in from the very first page and spent a wonderful Sunday afternoon reading it with a glass of wine in hand.

It was a fun read that had me laughing out loud on quite a few occasions and the second in the series safely downloaded as soon as I had finished.

Rating: 4 Stars


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