Date Night with Archangel’s Legion – Before


I have the whole weekend to myself so I’m having a Date Night! With a book, of course.

Before Reading…

Archangel’s Legion is one of those books I’ve had forever but just never got around to reading. This week when I was rummaging through my actual bookshelves (some books just deserve to be bought in physical form and not just a file on your ereader), I nearly freaked out when I couldn’t find it. Could it be I’d not bought it but had bought the two subsequent books? Eek!

But no, I just have too many books and my shelves are too badly organized. (Need to fix that soon!)

I read the previous book in the series, Archangel’s Storm, last May and was a little disappointed. It has been a few years since I’ve read the earlier books so I’m not sure if it’s just that my reading tastes have changed or if Archangel’s Storm really was a little… slow. I remember praising comments from my friends when the book was first published; they absolutely fell in love with Jason. Me? Not so much. But I’ve always been more of an Illium girl anyway so maybe that’s it.

My hopes for Archangel’s Legion are that it reminds me of why I first fell in love with the series, with Elena and Raphael, and with Nalini Singh’s writing and world building.

Will it do that? I sure hope so.

Postreading thoughts coming after I’m done!



3 thoughts on “Date Night with Archangel’s Legion – Before

  1. I read this about three years ago but skipped books 4 and 5 as back then I figured they were side-books, which I then realised they were not. However, it didn’t matter all that much as the few hints for the main story arch you get in books 4 and 5, I picked up on without trouble when first reading Archangel’s Legion.
    Yesterday, after finishing #5 Archangel’s Storm, I was so enthralled again by the Guild Hunter world that I decided to skim over this one a bit to freshen up my memory before jumping into book 7. But instead of skimming, I got sucked in again, so now I’m reading it from start to finish again.
    I hope you enjoyed it!


    • It was nice but I didn’t get sucked in as deep as I thought I would. I think it’s mostly that I’ve not read anything in this series for so long and then I didn’t like Archangel’s Storm that much.

      But reading series books out of order is blasphemy! Just because the main character/s are different, the story is connected. And just, no. LOL


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