Cold Secrets by Toni Anderson


5 Stars! Cold Secrets is the 7th book in the Cold Justice series and while it can easily be read as a stand alone it does have reoccurring characters from the previous books. This entire series is fabulous so if you haven’t read it – START NOW!

This book has a very dark premise and isn’t for the faint of heart but it’s written extremely well. The book opens with an edge of your seat, intense scene where undercover FBI agent Lucas Randall is going into rescue an 8 year old girl who has been kidnapped by human sex traffickers. This particular group is ruthless, well organized and willing to do anything to keep their business running. When things go horribly wrong Lucas is assigned to part of a large task force to track down and stop the traffickers.

Part of the task force is Ashley Chen who specializes in cyber investigations. Her partner is Mallory (from the 1st book). Ashley doesn’t get close to many people and she’s hiding a big secret. Mallory’s husband Alex doesn’t trust Ashley and he asks Lucas to keep an eye on her.

Ashley and Lucas have an instant attraction and Lucas if very open about the fact that he wants Ashley. Where Lucas is open and upfront, Ashley is reserved and believes her past precludes her being involved with someone else, especially another FBI agent.

It is obvious that the author has done a lot of research and planning for her books and the information about both cyber crimes/investigations and the various branches of law enforcement are realistic and informative without being boring.

I really enjoyed both Lucas and Ashley and while their relationship was a bit insta I still found it believable. I loved that the two characters were raised in a completely different manner and their backgrounds and cultural differences added to their interactions and relationship.

The suspense plot was intense and kept me turning page after page to see where the story would lead. I was intrigued and the twists and turns kept me up late reading because I couldn’t find a spot where I was willing to put this book down.

The suspense outshines the romance in this one but the romance is integral to parts of the book and both are intriguing and enhance each other. Overall an intense, edge of your seat fast paced and intriguing book you won’t want to miss!


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I have always loved to read. My first memory of reading is winning a stuffed animal turtle for reading the most books in my 2nd grade class. I am a retired Air Force Officer who has traveled around the world with my kindle! I love anything with a romance. I'm a big fan of paranormal romance, urban fantasy (as long as there's a little bit or romance), romantic suspense, contemporary romance and M/M. I have over 1000 books on my kindle that I haven't read yet and somehow I keep adding more. I never leave home without my kindle and I love reading challenges. I currently live in Phoenix with my husband and two kids. I also have two wonderful dogs a lovable pitbull and a cute dachshund. I'm still hoping my kids will pick up my love for reading!

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