Date Night with Archangel’s Legion – After

15808767 So a little over a week ago I boasted about having an entire weekend to myself and having decided to have a Date Night with a Book.

It happened but last week was just busy, so here are my postreading thoughts a little late.

I can’t say I absolutely fell back in love with the Guild Hunter world or even Elena and Raphael, which were both my goals, but I did very much enjoy reading a book centered around the two of them again. That’s who I initially wanted to read about when I first encountered the series, and I was miffed when the fourth book wasn’t about them.

Maybe it’s just me or maybe it was the story, but Raphael came off as a bit obnoxious. Sure, he’s an archangel and not a mortal, but it was very easy for him to sweep them aside. If you’ve read the book, you know Elena felt the same way I do. But I kind of expected them both to have come to terms with the other’s world and viewpoint a little more.

I should probably just keep reading further in the series, after all the next two books are right beside my bed, but I need a little time to read other things. It just wasn’t that good.

What comes to Archangel’s Legion and the story it tells, it could have been… a little more fast paced. A lot happened but only in the last few dozen pages did things really take off.

It will be interesting to see just what the Archangel’s Legion get up to in subsequent books, though! Yes, it’s a thing!

On Book Charmers’ scale Archangel’s Legion gets three charms from me.

See Date Night with Archangel’s Legion – Before for prereading thoughts!



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