M/M Monday: The Worst Best Man by M.J. O’Shea

33397642 Category romance has always been one of my guilty pleasures, and I was very happy when Dreamspinner Press announced their intention of creating a new house line for category romance of the M/M variety.

Sweet, romantic stories more on the fluffy side instead of angst, angst, and even more angst, which is what a lot of romance novels out there nowadays seem to have in spades. Still, the stories I’ve read haven’t been everyday category romance, there’s a modern twist. Is it because of the male-male coupling? Could be. Whatever it is, I like it.

The Worst Best Man by M.J. O’Shea is just what it promises to be: a cute story with a sugary romance and obstacles the heroes need to overcome.

August and Christopher met at university and fell in love at first sight. Three years of bliss that ended abruptly when Christopher, the offspring of a very well-to-do family finally gave in to his parents’ and broke it off breaking August’s heart. But neither never got over the other and when they meet again nearly ten years later, the old feelings surface again.

Their relationship reignites and they’re walking on Cloud Nine. They’re in love, they couldn’t be happier. But – of course there’s a but! – they come from different worlds. Christopher has never felt like he fits in in his society circles and he doesn’t want to expose August to the toxicity of it or the phony people in it. His biggest mistake: not speaking about it to August.

It all blows up in their faces at a wedding and August storms off. It’s the second time Christopher has done this to him and he’s done. Done with Christopher, done with his friends, done with… London.

An oppotunity to move back closer to home, to New York, presents itself and August grabs it by the horns. Just a few weeks later he’s already back in the States waiting for his best friend and colleague to arrive so they can get to work. He’s left his old life of over ten years in England behind and he wants to start anew. Nothing will remind him of Christopher in New York.

Except his best friend, Will. The person who hated Christopher on sight after hearing what had happened when they were at university is now almost waxing poetic about him. But, unlike August, Will met Christopher after August left him. He’s seen how devastated Christopher is, and he sees how miserable August is.

A little matchmaking from a meddling friend and we have a very happy ending.

I’m not going to lie, I was disappointed by the lack of Englishness in the story. It’s set in bloody London! A few mates and pints in a pub thrown in here and there just isn’t enough.

However, overlooking that, the story was sweet. It made me smile and left me feeling good after I finished. Not the most memorable story ever, but a very enjoyable way to spend a few hours. I will give it three charms on Book Charmers’ scale.

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