His to Seduce Review


His to Seduce is the 4th book in the series and can be read as a standalone although I think after reading it (I didn’t read the previous books yet) it would be more enjoyable if you’d read the books before this one.

This book centered around Camden and David who had obviously had some interactions in previous books. Both characters have some issues although Camden’s are much greater. Camden had something happen to her when she was twelve that made her protect herself. She wanted control of everything that happened in her life and so she turned to lists and organizations. She worked hard to be successful and never have to worry about financial security and vowed to never have a boyfriend who didn’t offer security. I had a really hard time connecting with Camden. She was so closed off and when I discovered what happened to her I found myself surprised that it wasn’t more severe (not that I am saying she didn’t go through a horrible situation but the lead up led me to believe it would be worse). Camden wanted security above all else and she was quick to judge other people based on what job they had not on who they were. Camden knew that David was very loyal to his friends who he’d known since childhood and would do anything for them so her “excuse” of it wasn’t that he didn’t make money but that he could leave at the drop of a hat because he worked as a bartender just made no sense to me. Since this was the driving conflict in the book I had a hard time with it.

I really enjoyed David. He saw his father die as a young man and decided to become a doctor. Unfortunately his need to save people conflicted with an ER doctor’s ability to save everyone and when he had a difficult case where he couldn’t he decided to take a break. David is in a place where he isn’t sure which direction he wants to go in and so in a state of flux he works in his friends bar and has been pursuing Camden for several months (I assume in the previous books we actually see some of this).

Camden and David get together at the beginning of this book at a wedding for their friends. Camden decides to just let go and have some fun but still doesn’t want anything serious with David do to her trust issues with him. David really likes Camden and wants more so he continues to pursue her and hopes that she will realize that they really have something together. Of course when Camden finds out David hasn’t been open about his past she sees it as betrayal. Although I understand that she was upset Camden hadn’t been open and honest about her past with David so it bothered me a bit that David had to do all the groveling for forgiveness.

Although I liked this book my issues and inability to connect with Camden made this a 3 charm read. I will however go back and read the previous books in this series.

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