M/M Monday: Save the Date by Annabeth Albert & Wendy Qualls


I wanted to read Save the Date by Annabeth Albert and Wendy Qualls as soon as I learned of it. Admittedly it took me a few days but as soon as I had time, I picked it up. And, boy, was I not disappointed.

Expectations: Quick read, sweet story, some hot smexy times between a military man and a geeky nerd.

Reality: See above.

The story starts in a night club where Randall is celebrating his sister’s bachelorette party. He meets a guy who just plain does it for him. They spend a night together but come morning, Randall is gone.

Hunter is in town for his best friend’s wedding weekend. A military man through and through, he’s never hidden his sexual orientation nor been very choosy about his bed partners. But finding out the cute geeky guy he got hot and heavy with just a few hours earlier is his best friend’s fiancĂ©es baby brother wasn’t something he expected.

Randall and Hunter sneak in private moments all through the weekend. A virgin until the first night spent with Hunter, Randall is coming to realize sex is great fun. Especially because he actually likes Hunter. And Hunter, who has always shied away from commitment after witnessing his parents’ not-so-great marriage, cottons on to the fact that he too is developing feelings toward Randall.

There are a gazillion opportunities to develop major drama, conjure up misunderstandings and angst in the story. To my delight, they weren’t taken. Sure, there are a few incidents here and there but nothing too overboard. Because you just can’t tell a story about a virginal, blushing geek and a not-sexually-repressed, hot army guy, who after a one-night stand find out they need to spend an entire weekend together along with their closest friends and family without letting anyone on they’ve hooked up in order to keep the spotlight on the happy couple and the wedding instead of making it about them.

The wedding weekend is full of revelations for them both, the biggest one being that they could actually have a future together, thanks to Randall’s employer wanting him to relocate to the town where Hunter is based, if only they want to take the leap. And they do.

So there is a Happily Ever After for Randall and Hunter. The road to it is filled with great banter, sweet moments, and hot sex. Despite the length of the story (it’s a novella at best, at approximately 38,000 words), it doesn’t feel incomplete or rushed, apart from the very end. There’s a fairly satisfying epilogue to the story but I definitely wouldn’t turn my back to any further stories about these two, should there be any.

Annabeth Albert is one of my favorite authors and one of the few I don’t necessarily even read the synopsis of the book before clicking Buy or Preorder, and I’m super glad I learned of Wendy Qualls through her. As soon as I finished Save the Date, I looked up her upcoming novel, Worth Waiting For, on Amazon and hit Preorder.

Save the Date gets four charms from me.

Oh, and did I mention that these two amazing authors are giving this away for FREE? It’s true! Purchase/download links below.

Visit Annabeth Albert & Wendy Qualls

Download Save the Date for FREE from Amazon | Kobo | B&N (Nook)



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