Hurricane Review


I haven’t read the previous books in the series but this was enjoyable as a stand alone and I don’t feel like I missed out on much from not reading the previous books. I did find the suspense to be a bit outrageous and the villain was definitely OTT but it was an enjoyable book. There were things I really liked about it and a few that drove me crazy.

This book centers around Rydell who has had more bad luck than one person should ever have to face. He’s a treasure hunter who’s wife left him, his ship was highjacked and crew killed and he’s having financial issues with his business. When this book starts Rydell needs a ship to salvage a treasure to save his business and he wants to win back his wife so he decides to use his wife’s ship.
She’s stubborn and feisty and decides to go along on the salvage.

This book is full of love/hate for the first half and the couple was plagued with miscommunication (which is a trope I really don’t like much). I really loved Rydell’s character and I actually liked Addison until everything was revealed and then she came across as more of a spoiled character who had no judgement when it came to people. She knows her mother is a horrible person who hates her husband and wants her with the prince but apparently when he acts in a manner which is not at all like him she chooses to believe her mom and the prince instead of facing her husband. I understand she’s in emotional pain and shutting down makes a bit of sense but not with people that you clearly know don’t have your best interests at heart. What drove me even crazier was that after she finds out how much effort Rydell actually put into trying to track her down and talk to her she’s still mad at him for eventually giving up. In fact, she says that if it had been her she never would have given up. That just makes no sense – it was her as well and she gave up right away on him. So this part of the plot took my enjoyment level down quite a bit.

Although I thought the story would be more about the treasure salvage it’s really about Rydell and Addison’s relationship and the miscommunication between the two and how they solve those issues and find a way back to each other. There is a suspense plot weaved throughout the book and some crazy action at the end. If you don’t mind the miscommunication trope that tears a couple apart in a book with lots of action, some suspense and humor than Hurricane is a book I’d recommend.  I give this book 3 charms.

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