Teaser Tuesday


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“I closed my eyes for a second on the off chance all this would have miraculously gone away when I opened them again.”


“He was probably about two seconds from dragging me, struggling, out of the conference room like I was the heroine of a 1950s Hollywood movie.”


These sentences are from Chapter 8 of Alexis Hall’s How to Bang a Billionaire, the first book in their new Arden St. Ives series.

One: I’m a massive Alexis Hall fan. MASSIVE. There is not one book by them that I have read and not enjoyed immensely.

Two: Alexis Hall is one of the very few authors whose newsletters I actually read instead of just subscribing to and deleting them after a quick glance through.

Three: So the newsletter appeared in my inbox, I read it, and instantly clicked the Buy link. Why? Because of this:

Arden’s Top 5 Tips for Banging a Billionaire
  1. Meet a billionaire by accident – don’t worry this happens all the time.
  2. Fall over in front of him. They love it when you fall over.
  3. Try not feel too prostitutey because they have all the things and you have none of the things.
  4. Remember: a contract isn’t the same thing as a relationship.
  5. Take care of him because he’s probably way more messed up than you are.

And did I mention I’m a massive fan of Alexis’s work? So yeah, that’s why.

I’m almost halfway through, and the story definitely has some of the usual billionaire-y/BDSM-y vibes, just generously sprinkled with the humor and the very British and lovely English I’ve grown accustomed to when reading something from the author – Yay! – which is quite lucky for me since I think I’m a little over the domineering billionaire trope, but together with the other stuff, it’s swoonworthy.

Another thing that made me so, so happy about the newsletter (aside from the new release) is this:

“tl;dr: self-contained trilogy about the same couple (Arden and Caspian). There’ll be a definite HEA at the end of all three books and the first book ends on a HFN (not a cliff-hanger). The second book – How To Blow It With A Billionaire – will be out November.”

All of that put together? It’s not even summer yet but I’m so waiting for November!

Oh, and just in case it’s not obvious, How to Bang a Billionaire is a M/M romance, so you better be inclined to read the rainbow if you pick this up!


Visit Alexis Hall

Buy How to Bang a Billionaire from Amazon | B&N


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