Devil’s Own Review


I’m hit or miss with MC books but I’m a fan of Megan Crane and her characters plus I enjoyed the earlier books in this series. Although I did enjoy this one there were some issues that I think if addressed better would have made this a 4 or 5 star read.

My biggest issue was with Lara. She grew up in a biker club and had some very legitimate issues with the biker lifestyle. She had some bad experiences with the club she was born into and abandoned by. She felt that the Club/brothers always came first above any women or family and that women can only be old ladies or club whores and very few end up as old ladies. She spends a lot of the book referring to her lust/need for Chaser as an addiction and yet she never really tries to fight the attraction. In fact she ends up having sex with Chaser within 15 minutes of a parent/teacher conference. Even if we assume that she just got carried away it basically continues to happen again and yet she never really comes to a resolution with her issues. In fact, she really doesn’t act like an Old Lady but more like a club whore (although she isn’t with anyone other than Chaser) they really don’t have a relationship outside of lots of hot sex. I really loved the opening scenes where she didn’t back down from Chaser and the verbal sparring was excellent. So I REALLY wish she would have held out longer and developed more of a relationship with Chaser before it became all about sex.

While I liked Chaser I can’t help but think that the whole question of can you be an outlaw biker and still a good father wasn’t answered in a really positive way. It was obvious that Chaser loved his daughter and would protect her with all he had but he certainly wasn’t paying enough attention to her. The fact that he left her with his psycho sister for weeks at a time and then spent more time having sex with Lara when he knew his daughter was having issues didn’t highlight great parenting skills.

This book had a lot of potential and if there was more relationship building to go along with the sex I would have liked it a lot more. Instead, we got a ton of sex and instant love which just wasn’t believable. I’m still not sure what it was about Lara that Chaser fell so hard for other than the first scene where she really stood up to him for his daughter’s well being. I would have loved if Chaser and Lara worked together to help his daughter and figure out what was going on to enhance all the sex.

I was also curious as to the overall plot with what Digger was up to within the club and towards the very end we did get some movement/answers on that issue but it didn’t seem to be a very complex plot point. I hope there is more to it in the next book. So while there were some disappointing aspects of this book I still enjoyed it and if you want some hot sex scenes Megan Crane always delivers.  I give this book 3 charms.



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