Beyond Reason Review


Beyond Reason is the first book in the Texas Trilogy and there were some things I really liked about and a few things that were just okay. The premise of the book was interesting and I liked Carly. I liked Linc as well although I wanted more of his personality to relate to his time in prison and misspent youth. Instead he seemed more of a typical billionaire without the edge I wanted him to have given his background. Don’t get me wrong I liked Linc but I wanted more from his character.

I really liked the RS portion of the book for the first half but once the bad guy was really introduced it went a little of the rails for me. It just seemed a little silly that he thought he could bribe/threaten anyone without any consequences. I can understand thinking he could intimidate Carly but why he thought he could intimidate Linc made no sense. The man is rich and powerful so one would think that the bad guy would pick someone a little more easily pushed around (he is obviously not going to just accept the orders given by the bad guy without fighting back) and yet the villain expects him to do exactly that. I had to completely suspend my belief for the final climax with the villain of this book.

The romance also seemed a little rushed maybe because the suspense took up a big chunk of the book so I wasn’t as invested in Carly and Linc as a couple as I wanted to be. I did really like the secondary characters and so I will probably give the second book a chance. So while enjoyable it isn’t a book that will remain with me.

I give this book 3 charms.


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