Teaser Tuesday


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“My apology came in the form of another kiss. We shared breath, and I tasted the inside of his mouth.”


This is from Chapter 1 of Santino Hassell’s Interborough, the fourth book in their Five Boroughs series.

For whatever reason, I think I should be further along in a book I post a teaser from. I don’t know why. But when it comes to this book, I’m being bold. I absolutely loved all three previous books in the series— Hassell is a master storyteller—so I’m confident I will end this too on a high note.

So far I’m liking the interaction between the two main characters, Ray and David. Based on the blurb the story isn’t all roses and sunshine, but I’m fully expecting a very happy ending. I don’t mind a few tears in the process—mine or the characters’, and usually if they cry, I do too—as long as we’re all happy in the end.

I’m not really sure why I haven’t read this earlier; it was published in October 2016 already and the next book in the series, Concourse, is out now too, but I’ll just claim to have had too many books to read and too little time to read them in. (That always works, right?)

Btw, Hassell is another author whose newsletter I read, not just skim through.


Visit Santino Hassell

Buy Interborough from Riptide Publishing | Amazon | B&N

Just a reminder that when you purchase your books straight from the publisher instead of other retailers, the author gets more money. And the author is the one we want to give our money to, not a big company. Make the right choice!


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