Teaser Tuesday


Teaser Tuesday is originally hosted by MizB over at Books and a Beat.




For this week’s Teaser Tuesday edition, I chose Fair Game, which is the third book in Patricia BriggsAlpha and Omega series, which in turn is a spin-off of her Mercy Thompson series. Both are absolutely great with unique characters and different aspects and troubles in this urban fantasy world where there are not only werewolves but also vampires and fae.




“After a deep breath, Charles stepped in front of the bathroom mirror. It was one of those full-length things that women used to use to make sure their ankles weren’t showing below their skirts and now used to make sure, he assumed, that their underwear showed only when they wanted it to.”

Charles and Anna are the main focus of the Alpha and Omega series. They are great together and make for an interesting character combination. Charles in particular always makes me want to laugh with his dry sense of humour. He may be really scary at times, but sometimes he just feels like a big misunderstood teddy bear.

“His brother maintained that what sent people backing away was neither his size nor his mother’s blood, but solely the expression on his face. To test Samuel’s theory, Charles had tried smiling – and then solemnly reported to Samuel that he had been mistaken. When Charles smiled, he told Samuel, people just ran faster.”


Happy reading!

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