M/M Monday – Love and Other Hot Beverages Review


I really, really struggled to finish this book and almost DNF several times. Honestly, I did end up skimming in some parts of the book.

Todd basically ran away after his last break-up and is working in construction and is back in the closet. He’s basically waiting for his ex-boyfriend to change his mind and want him back. He’s decided to hide the fact that he’s gay because he assumes the other construction workers are homophobic. Sebastian (Sebby) is the office manager for the construction company and he’s out of the closet and a total flirt. He is constantly flirting with Todd who is basically very rude to him at first. Sebby knows that Todd isn’t over his ex-boyfriend but decides to help him heal. Although he doesn’t plan to fall for Todd he does.

Both Todd and Sebby were almost totally different characters when they were at work and when they were home. Actually Todd kept changing his personality so many times I got whiplash. Sebby is hiding past secrets from Todd and of course Todd is hung up on his ex through most of the book. Once Sebby and Todd are in a relationship and having sex, Sebby decides that Todd really needs to have sex with two of his friends (Sebby isn’t even there for that) just sends him off. Then he gets scared and has sex with someone else because Todd wasn’t there. I really struggled with this and REALLY wanted to DNF at this point because Todd really didn’t want to do this and Sebby really pushed him into it. The whole thing was just off-putting for me.

I never really felt a connection between these two. Between the “cheating” and one of them being completely hung up on an ex there just wasn’t much romance. Both of these men had some serious issues and the author basically chose to tie everything up in a neat bow at the end that I found completely unbelievable.

I never really liked either character and the dialogue was just bizarre at times. The banter felt stilted and the sex scenes were just okay.

Overall I just can’t recommend this one. One Charm from me.



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I have always loved to read. My first memory of reading is winning a stuffed animal turtle for reading the most books in my 2nd grade class. I am a retired Air Force Officer who has traveled around the world with my kindle! I love anything with a romance. I'm a big fan of paranormal romance, urban fantasy (as long as there's a little bit or romance), romantic suspense, contemporary romance and M/M. I have over 1000 books on my kindle that I haven't read yet and somehow I keep adding more. I never leave home without my kindle and I love reading challenges. I currently live in Phoenix with my husband and two kids. I also have two wonderful dogs a lovable pitbull and a cute dachshund. I'm still hoping my kids will pick up my love for reading!

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