Resilient Review


True Brothers is a MC series that I have been enjoying and I enjoyed this one probably even a bit more than the last one. I loved Tank and in fact he is one of my all time favorite MC characters. My problem was that I thought Nicole was just a bit too judgmental and it lasted far too long. I get that she had a background that didn’t show bikers in the best of light but her two best friends are in love with bikers and she has been around them enough to know you can’t judge everyone based off of one person you had a bad experience with. I also hated the way Jessica acted in this book. It was way OTT (I’ve never actually seen a bride act that mean and irritable) and so I didn’t enjoy the Bridezilla aspect of a character I had previously liked.

However, I did enjoy a lot of other parts of the book and I liked Tank and Nicole together. I loved the way he handled her – he accepted her but didn’t put up with her crap. This book had a few unexpected moments that made me tear up that I didn’t see coming. Overall, another really good addition to this series – I’m looking forward to more from this author.

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I have always loved to read. My first memory of reading is winning a stuffed animal turtle for reading the most books in my 2nd grade class. I am a retired Air Force Officer who has traveled around the world with my kindle! I love anything with a romance. I'm a big fan of paranormal romance, urban fantasy (as long as there's a little bit or romance), romantic suspense, contemporary romance and M/M. I have over 1000 books on my kindle that I haven't read yet and somehow I keep adding more. I never leave home without my kindle and I love reading challenges. I currently live in Phoenix with my husband and two kids. I also have two wonderful dogs a lovable pitbull and a cute dachshund. I'm still hoping my kids will pick up my love for reading!

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