Wicked Bite Review


I love this series but I have to say this was my favorite! I absolutely loved Bear and Tessa. They were a perfect match and throw in lots of action, a resolution to a plot that’s been open for awhile, a very hot romance and plenty of humor and you have Wicked Bite, an amazing book!

I admit it – I love the Realm. There isn’t a character I have disliked and I love all the politics and interactions between the witches, demons, shifters and vampires. Although we’ve met Bear in the previous stories who was known for being anti-social and just a bit crazy we didn’t really get to see the depths of his character and a little bit of a soft side with Nessa. In this book we really got to dig into his layers and there was nothing about him I didn’t love. Bear was also protective and alpha and a bit raw just like you want from a shifter.

“Why are we in bed together?” “I was tired, and you were snuggly.” His breath brusherd her ear.

“Do you think I ended up leading the grizzly nation because I always win the July chili cook-off?

Nessa comes off as very straight laced and proper but it doesn’t take long to see that there is a lot more to her. She is the perfect match for Bear. She’s tough, loyal and she pushes Bear enough that he doesn’t hold back. She’s also a witch so she is keeping secrets and trying to manipulate things behind the scenes.

Nessa and Bear were perfect together. So many times I like one MC more than the other but in this case I loved them both. They made each other stronger and they also challenged each other. I loved seeing the softer side of Bear when he fell for Nessa and the sweet side of Nessa when she was with Bear. We also had a bunch of cameos which I loved. My two favorite characters Logan and Garrett were back in this story along with some scenes with Dage and Emma and Nick and Simone. It was fun to see the vampires, demons, shifters and witches working together.

Demons and vampires. Bear couldn’t breathe. “There are witches on my perimeter. Now demons and vampires close in. Oh God. It’s purgatory.

I really loved the humor in this book that lightened the mood with all the violence and action that was happening. Every time Dage gets upset because people are surprised he knows something just cracks me up.

“How did you find out so quickly?” They hadn’t gone public yet. Dage’s chin lowered. “The. King. Me. I’m the damn king.”

Somehow I did figure out who the villain was but it didn’t lessen my enjoyment at all and I imagine it will take some people by surprise. I really liked that we got a resolution to the overall plot but can only hope/pray that doesn’t mean the end for books in the Realm! These books are just too amazing and I’m not at all ready to say goodbye!

Bottom Line: An amazing, humorous, hot, action-filled, fast paced book with in-depth characters and fun cameos from previous books! If you’re a fan of the series don’t miss this one and if you haven’t started I don’t know what you’re waiting for – pick up the first Realm book and dive in.


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