M/M Monday – Dirty Deeds Review


3.5 Charms – rounded up to 4.  Dirty Deeds is the first book in the Dirty series and a spinoff from the Tough Love series but can easily be read as a stand alone book. This book centers around Alec who is a billionaire who runs a company that does something with food (honestly I’m not exactly sure what but in the big scheme of things that didn’t matter all that much). He is the ex-boyfriend of one of the characters from the Tough Love series. Seth who is also a character from that book is in this one but he is kind of a jerk and we never really find out if he has decent motives or not. I really didn’t like that he wasn’t such a jerk in this book since I had liked him in the previous book.

So in this book, Gaige who is a computer genius is being blackmailed by Seth into working/spying on Alec and helping him discover some anomalies with a top secret vault that stores seeds in case of an emergency/doomsday scenario (the leak is supposedly from Alec’s company). The part I really didn’t understand was why Seth was blackmailing Gaige and wouldn’t give either Gaige or Alec much information and why he wanted Gaige to spy on Alec in addition to working with him. In fact, he brings the two men together by having Gaige break into Alec’s business. Obviously, this means that there is a lot of distrust between Gaige and Alec. Because of the distrust Alec decides he needs to keep Gaige next to him at all times and basically makes him live with him when they aren’t at work. (I found this very contrived and wish the scenario was a bit more believable).

So if I put aside the reason these two men are forced together I really enjoyed it. There is an immediate attraction between the two men and it isn’t long before they are acting on it. The sex between the two was hot and I liked them together. I found Gaige a really interesting character and I liked that although he was kind of a geek he was also really sexy and saved Alec’s life more than once. The second half of this book was intense and fast paced and honestly I didn’t see the villain coming.

So while there were some plot issues I really liked the characters, the writing, the sex scenes, and the action-packed second half of the book.

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