About Us

I am a bookaholic – This means I am incapable of walking into a bookshop without buying something; or reading a blog without writing a title and author down in a list; or joining in book reading challenges without buying, borrowing (I draw the line at stealing) more books!

I live in the tropical north of Australia and I have been married for over 35 years to my wonderful husband.

We have two grown-up daughters and three grandchildren.

I was born in England, brought up in Nigeria on the West coast of Africa, then my parents emigrated to Australia in 1970 and brought me with them!

Hubby and I are owned by a bossy, spoiled bad beagle boy – and we both love reading, socialising and travelling.

I am a chain reader! When one book ends, Another is opened! I am not picky about what I read, in fact I am very spontaneous in my reading choices, whatever book happens to fall in my path, is currently the book for me.

Currently living on the Planet Earth, in a small place called Texas. Just one of many places I have lived in my life time.

I live with one daughter, one husband, and hundreds of books. I run an online book club, and a Real-life Book Club. I never leave my house without a book, in fact it feels weird when I do!

Like the other authoresses here, I am a huge reader and lover of all things books. My favorite genre is Young Adult Fantasy, but I’m really a sucker for any good story.

When I’m not reading you can find me teaching my two kids, who I homeschool, or trying to decipher the new project my IT husband is planning (he always has one going!).

My favorite thing is to slip the kids over to Grandma’s and spend a few hours browsing the library alone. Okay, so it’s more like 30 minutes on the way to other errands, but hey, a mom can dream, right?

I read a bit of everything, from history to fantasy to non-fiction to graphic novels. My favorite genre is fantasy, mainly because I love dragons. Toothless from the HTTYD movies would be my ideal companion.

In real life I live outside Boston with my husband and the two best cats in the world, Oberyn and Winry. My husband is not a big reader and my cats’ contribution is curling up next to me or knocking books off the shelf.

Cocktail Phoenix
I am and always have been a bookaholic – do I need to say more?!

I prefer reading fantasy, but I do like a good crime novel or some chick-lit every now and then, as well as classics and historical fiction and… well, in short: I tend to read anything that strikes me as interesting.

I rarely ever leave the house without a book and I need to be restrained whenever I go to book fairs or second-hand book shopping. I always have a large bag with me, you know, just in case I find “a little something”. Needless to say that my shelves are starting to overflow, but does that stop me?!

Book Tiger
Here’s another one signing up for bookaholics anonymous!

I just adore books and I will read pretty much anything. Even genres I claim I don’t like (like chick-lit and romance) I have been known to delve into and come out alive. I have a library of almost 2000 actual books and earlier in 2015 I was introduced to the joys of the kindle, so I then completely lost count. Second-hand, new, expensive, free, borrowed, stolen, I don’t mind, as long as I can read it.

I live at the bottom of the world, in Adelaide in South Australia. I have a very tolerant husband, and two often difficult but always gorgeous children – 4 years and 18 months old. I spent almost 20 years living in the UK (where I ransacked the charity shops) but now we’re back here to settle, where I dream one day my darling husband will finally build me my library.

Another bookaholic anonymous member here.

I’ve always loved books but the earliest memory I have of independent reading of chapter books was when my mom handed me a copy of Beezus and Ramona, by Beverly Cleary, when I was about eight-years-old. I remember her saying, “This is a book about a little sister, just like you. I thought you might like it.” I was hooked and became a Ramona and reading fan for life. I remember inside each book there was a list of other books by the publisher, and I would circle those books that I wanted to look for at the store or library. Now, instead of circling in my books, I just write list after list of authors or titles I learn about from the many book-related newsletters that I receive in my E-mail. My Goodreads TBR has over 6000 titles that I may never get to but the list serves as a virtual reminder of books I’d like to read “someday”, just like those circled books were reminders when I made my journey to the store or the library.

I live in Texas, with my husband and son, who aren’t quite as crazy as I am when it comes to books but they do read, so I’ll keep them. We also have three black cats that love to sleep on my books.