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For this week’s Teaser Tuesday edition, I chose Bring the Heat, which is the 9th book in G.A. Aiken‘s Dragon Kin series.  This series is full of odd, crazy, violent and humorous dragons.  There is always a ton of action, lots of humor and a solid romance.  I adore this series and I know I’m going to be laughing out loud somewhere along the way.




Brannie didn’t have the luxury of running around, killing randomly, and only listening to the queen.  As an officer and a dragoness, she had to think about all sorts of things before and after her troops got neck-deep in battle.  She didn’t respect the Mi-runach, but she had come to grudgingly respect Aidan the Divine.  And, over the years and in their own way, they’d become somewhat close.

Which was why she knew something was really wrong by the sudden look on Aidan’s face, his eyes widening in panic.  His mouth opened like he wanted to say something.  And all of that meant only one thing – Aidan’s idiot brethren were up to something again.  Something that would only make her angry.  Before Brannie could figure out what, she heard a distinctive noise.  A noise she had better not be hearing.

Mouth open, Brannie spun around and glared up a the dragon oaf eating her horse! Human body shaking, teeth gritting, Brannie felt her rarely unleashed rage explode.

“What have you done?” she bellowed.

Caswyn the Buther, in his enormous dragon form, gazed down at her as he kept chewing.  The front half of her beautiful, loyal horse hanging from his snout.

“Wha?” he mumbled around his meal.

But before she could ember her weapon into the idiot’s neck and end him for such an affront, Adian jumped between them.  Protecting his idiot friend and getting in her way!

“Perhaps we should think about this?” Aidan gently suggested, as was his way.  The only Mi-runach she knew who tried to use reason rather than brute force.

“No,” she snapped.  “Move.”

“You’re not thinking this through.”

“Get out of my way before I kill you both.”

“He didn’t mean it!”

“I don’t care! I will have his head!”

“He was dying anyway Caswyn mumbled around the hooves.

“It’s just a bloody horse,” Uther noted, his blood-covered human form coming at her from the opposite side.

“Could you both do me a favor?” Aidan asked his friends.  “And stop talking?”

When neither responded, Aidan faced Brannie, and opened his mouth to speak…but the sound of crunching that came from Caswyn as he slowly began to chew on her precious horse’s hooves made him stop, his head dropping forward in silent defeat.

Teaser Tuesday


Teaser Tuesday is originally hosted by MizB over at Books and a Beat.




For this week’s Teaser Tuesday edition, I chose Fair Game, which is the third book in Patricia BriggsAlpha and Omega series, which in turn is a spin-off of her Mercy Thompson series. Both are absolutely great with unique characters and different aspects and troubles in this urban fantasy world where there are not only werewolves but also vampires and fae.




“After a deep breath, Charles stepped in front of the bathroom mirror. It was one of those full-length things that women used to use to make sure their ankles weren’t showing below their skirts and now used to make sure, he assumed, that their underwear showed only when they wanted it to.”

Charles and Anna are the main focus of the Alpha and Omega series. They are great together and make for an interesting character combination. Charles in particular always makes me want to laugh with his dry sense of humour. He may be really scary at times, but sometimes he just feels like a big misunderstood teddy bear.

“His brother maintained that what sent people backing away was neither his size nor his mother’s blood, but solely the expression on his face. To test Samuel’s theory, Charles had tried smiling – and then solemnly reported to Samuel that he had been mistaken. When Charles smiled, he told Samuel, people just ran faster.”


Happy reading!

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Teaser Tuesday


Teaser Tuesday is originally hosted by MizB over at Books and a Beat.



The book I chose for this particular edition of Teaser Tuesday is The Curious Case of the Clockwork Menace, which is #3.5 in Bec McMaster‘s London Steampunk series.


“Life is meant to be laughed at. How else can you keep smiling in this kind of world?”



I came across this series by chance – the first book is Kiss of Steel – and I enjoyed it tremendously. The series is mainly steampunk, but then, there is also a romance element, and a mystery element, and a very interesting overarching plot that spans the entire series despite every book focusing on a different couple. Most of the characters make appearances throughout the series though, so you don’t lose sight of them entirely. The characters are well developed and the writing had me firmly in its grip from the very first few pages onward.

Seeing that the book I chose is taken from the middle of the series (because I’m currently reading it), I decided to use a quote from the very first book Kiss of Steel as my second quote for this post to give you a bit of a taste.

“I am tempted to incapacitate him with the hemlock and then castrate him.”
Lena paled. “I don’t think that would be very wise,” she said. “And the only knife we own is what I use for the cooking. You’re not using that.”
“I was planning on using a spoon,” Honoria replied.”

Happy reading!

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Teaser Tuesday




“Oh, holy sit!” Cameron Cried.  “They really do glow in the dark!” …  Then he laughed.  “They look like lightsabres.”  “Hmmmm, look at that.  My lightsabre’s longer than yours…”


That’s Me,” I said, taking a sip of my coffee.  “The giver of swagger.”




I really enjoy N.R. Walker’s books and best of all this one is free on Amazon.  I was looking for a book with some humor and not a lot of angst coming off of a couple of high angst books.  This book is perfect for that.  Likable characters, funny dialogue, and a fun and sweet M/M romance.  So if you enjoy a good work place romance that’s low on angst, high on humor then I recommend Sixty-Five Hours.

Teaser Tuesday


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“I closed my eyes for a second on the off chance all this would have miraculously gone away when I opened them again.”


“He was probably about two seconds from dragging me, struggling, out of the conference room like I was the heroine of a 1950s Hollywood movie.”


These sentences are from Chapter 8 of Alexis Hall’s How to Bang a Billionaire, the first book in their new Arden St. Ives series.

One: I’m a massive Alexis Hall fan. MASSIVE. There is not one book by them that I have read and not enjoyed immensely.

Two: Alexis Hall is one of the very few authors whose newsletters I actually read instead of just subscribing to and deleting them after a quick glance through.

Three: So the newsletter appeared in my inbox, I read it, and instantly clicked the Buy link. Why? Because of this:

Arden’s Top 5 Tips for Banging a Billionaire
  1. Meet a billionaire by accident – don’t worry this happens all the time.
  2. Fall over in front of him. They love it when you fall over.
  3. Try not feel too prostitutey because they have all the things and you have none of the things.
  4. Remember: a contract isn’t the same thing as a relationship.
  5. Take care of him because he’s probably way more messed up than you are.

And did I mention I’m a massive fan of Alexis’s work? So yeah, that’s why.

I’m almost halfway through, and the story definitely has some of the usual billionaire-y/BDSM-y vibes, just generously sprinkled with the humor and the very British and lovely English I’ve grown accustomed to when reading something from the author – Yay! – which is quite lucky for me since I think I’m a little over the domineering billionaire trope, but together with the other stuff, it’s swoonworthy.

Another thing that made me so, so happy about the newsletter (aside from the new release) is this:

“tl;dr: self-contained trilogy about the same couple (Arden and Caspian). There’ll be a definite HEA at the end of all three books and the first book ends on a HFN (not a cliff-hanger). The second book – How To Blow It With A Billionaire – will be out November.”

All of that put together? It’s not even summer yet but I’m so waiting for November!

Oh, and just in case it’s not obvious, How to Bang a Billionaire is a M/M romance, so you better be inclined to read the rainbow if you pick this up!


Visit Alexis Hall

Buy How to Bang a Billionaire from Amazon | B&N

Teaser Tuesday


I stumbled across this a while ago through a link Serenity posted and I liked the idea. Some of the fellow Book Charmers have jumped right in as well! Teaser Tuesday is hosted by MizB over at Books and a Beat.



The book I chose for this particular edition of Teaser Tuesday is Silence of the Grave by Arnaldur Indriðason.

The baby put it in her mouth and calmed down again.

“The thing she’s gnawing,” he said. “I think it’s a human bone.” (Chapter 1)



This is the fourth book in a longer series, translated from the original Icelandic into English from book three onwards. For those of you who read German, the entire series, starting at book 1, is available in German.

While it is always nice to start a series from the beginning, it isn’t absolutely necessary with the Inspector Erlendur series. The writing style is quite particular, usually straight to the point without a lot of fluff, which gives the story a more unique feeling. For any crime enthusiasts, I can only recommend this series.