Wicked Kiss Review

34845188 I am a big fan of Rebecca Zanetti and I love this series! This is the 4th book in the series Realm Enforcers and I recommend you start from the beginning to get the full effect of the characters and past interactions.

This book centers around Adam Dunne. I’ve been looking forward to this book, having read the previous ones and knowing that Adam is the serious brother. In this book, Tori has been kidnapped by the Coven of Nine since she became aware that paranormals exist. Adam saves her by agreeing to mate with her and ensure she keeps their secrets. Forced relationships don’t always work for me but I really enjoyed it in this book. Tori is a very forceful personality and she wants little to do with Adam since she only knows him as part of the gang responsible for dealing the drug Apollo.

This is an action packed, fast paced book with a hot romance (although I did get a bit tiered of Adam withholding sex until Tori would admit “she was his”). I loved the cameo’s from some of the characters from The Dark Protector Series (although it is not necessary to have read that series to enjoy this one). There was plenty of suspense, drama and intensity along with hot sex and a fun romance. The secondary characters were a great addition and I’m looking forward to Bear’s story! Although I will admit to be a bit disappointed that my two favorite characters (Garrett and Logan) weren’t in this book!

Bottom Line: Another fantastic book in the Realm Enforcers Series that will keep you up at night turning pages to see what happens next while fanning yourself to cool down during the intense sex scenes!  This book will release on 4 July!


Deep Burn Review


Deep Burn is book #2 in the Station Seventeen series but can easily be read as a stand alone book.

I love a good fire fighter story and I also like reading about females that are in male dominated roles and flourish so I was looking forward to this book. I’ll be honest though, it took me awhile to really like Shae. She was just a bit too reckless, impulsive and had very little respect for the rules (even in a job when they are obviously necessary for the safety of everyone). I wish that when she got in trouble for breaking the chain of command she would have given it a little more thought and accepted some responsibility and demonstrated that what she did was wrong instead of instantly justifying her behavior. I didn’t necessarily like her “well it all worked out because I’m a good firefighter” attitude. However, I really liked her interactions with Capelli and her acceptance of his past and non-judgment did a lot to win me over. So although her recklessness bothered me a bit her loyalty and honesty won me over and by midway through the book I was a fan of Shae.

I also really liked Capelli and found him an interesting character and I loved that he wasn’t the typical alpha male hero. He was a very logical, nerdy type hero and I found his role as tech and surveillance fitting and compelling. I also enjoyed watching him loose his completely rational thought process when confronted with his attraction to Shea.

The romance between Shea and Capelli actually worked which was surprising given how completely different these two characters were. The sex scenes were hot and I believed the emotional entanglement between them. I was actually surprised that Capelli didn’t have more of a moderating effect on Shea and vice versa and yet they do balance each other.

The suspense was interesting and it kept me reading to see how it would all play out. Although the identity of the villain was known from the beginning I still found myself on the edge reading to see how they would outwit him.

Overall, intriguing characters, a compelling romance and a great mix of suspense and romance. I look forward to more books in the Station Seventeen series.

4.5 Charms for this firefighting romance!

Back to You Review

33983712Back to you is my first book by author Chris Scully but it won’t be the last! The writing was evocative and was one of the best at making the reader visualize and feel the setting. From the opening scene of Alex driving into his hometown I was hooked on the writing style.

Alex is returning to his hometown when he receives a call from his older sister that his dad is dying and wants to see him. Alex agrees to return although he is reluctant and is looking more forward to seeing his childhood best friend Benji then his family. Ben was not only Alex’s best friend but also the first boy to ever kiss him. Alex resents his absent, alcoholic father and isn’t close to his sister who defends their father. The book’s pace is a bit slow in the first part and Alex and Benji don’t spend much time together nor do they talk much for the first half of the book. Alex was planning on writing about his homecoming but is quickly caught up in the mystery surrounding Benji’s older sister who disappeared shortly before Alex left town. She was considered a runaway but about a week before Alex returned her car was found and the case was reopened. Initially Ben doesn’t want Alex looking into the case but eventually gives in when he realizes Alex doesn’t want to let it go.

Back to You is written in Alex’s POV and is essentially his journey not only home but also to reconcile his childhood, his relationship with his family and where Ben fits into his life. Alex isn’t always easy to like and he has let his childhood view of the past color the present. I enjoyed seeing Alex’s eyes open that the past wasn’t quite all that he thought it was and seeing him navigate the relationship with his sister and his father.

The dynamics of Alex’s family were realistic, heart breaking and complex. Although we didn’t get Ben’s POV the dynamics between his mother who spent all of her energy wrapped up in the past and trying to find answers about her missing daughter to the detriment of Ben were also realistic and heart breaking. While both men had complicated family relationships they handled them in completely different ways.

The suspense was engaging and there were plenty of red herrings thrown in to lead the reader astray with just enough clues to lead to the possibility of guessing the truth or at least part of it. I wasn’t as engaged with the romance as I was the suspense and the family dynamics. However, I was very engaged with the growth of Alex’s character and his discovery that the truth he had held to was distorted by his youth and the secrets he was unaware of.

So while I found the pace a bit slow and the romance a bit disappointing the evocative writing and the complex relationships and character growth along with a interesting suspense made up for it.  Released 12 Jun 20117.  4 charms!

Talen Review


It was so fun to re-visit with Talen and Cara the first couple in the Dark Protectors Series. It’s been 25 years since they met and mated and while they still love each other they have to figure out what happens now that the war is over. Talen is still an alpha and after Cara being sick for so many years his protectiveness is in overdrive and Cara doesn’t want to be treated like someone who is fragile. It also turns out just because the war is over doesn’t mean all the danger is.

This short book was so much fun and I loved seeing a realistic glimpse of Talen and Cara 25 years later. They still adored each other and the sex scenes were hot but what I really loved was that it was realistic. Everything wasn’t perfect and there were things they needed to work through together. I also loved seeing Logan and Garrett who I absolutely adore. The last scene with the boys and Talen and Cara had me laughing out loud. I wouldn’t read this as a stand alone but if you’re a fan of The Dark Protectors don’t miss this little gem.  4 it was great to read about them again charms!

Smolder Review

29972988Smolder is the first book in the Firefighters of Montana Series and was a very enjoyable book that has me looking forward to the rest of the series. Tracy Solheim is a new author to me but I really liked her writing style and I loved reading about the smoke jumpers.

This book centers around Sam who is a former Army Ranger with a complicated past, a lot of guilt and a very dangerous job. Laurel is the daughter of ranch owners and horse trainers who at one time competed with horses but once she became pregnant with a extreme snow boarder’s child and ended up a single mom her life changed dramatically. Now her life revolves around her son and trying to be safe and make smart decisions. She has no place in her life for a man with a dangerous job but the attraction between the two is fierce.

At right around 150 pages this book packs a lot of story, emotion and romance into a short amount of space but never makes you feel like you are missing anything. The pacing is superb, the storytelling is compelling and the romance is both steamy and emotional. I thoroughly enjoyed the secondary characters and was given just enough information about both horse training and smoke jumpers to be entertained and informed but never bored. Both characters were likable and had very strong personalities. There was a good mix of action, suspense and romance and I’m definitely looking forward to reading more!  4 Charms for this smoldering book!

M/M Monday

18194121There were things I really liked about this book and a few that I just didn’t connect with as much and one or two that just didn’t work as well for me. But overall I did enjoy it.

This book takes place after a group of men have been kidnapped and tortured for 5 months. The experience is really told throughout the book in flashbacks and nightmares and through a few counseling sessions. This actually worked really well because it broke up the really dark and intense torture/prisoner scenes and I think reading them non-stop would have been too much. Cam and Austin were thrown into a cell together and although they initially didn’t get along over time they formed an intense bond. When they returned home they had trouble readjusting to their lives and only felt okay when they were with each other. Cam and Austin were able to comfort each other and encourage each other to talk through what had happened not to mention they truly understood what the other went through since it was a shared experience.

I had a hard time believing anyone’s wife could be so cold and cruel and the author really made Austin’s wife a villain. I think I would have preferred it if they just couldn’t work through the adjustment or came to the realization that they just wanted more from marriage (since it’s obvious they don’t have a very good one). I didn’t see the need for Austin’s wife to be so awful although I suppose it made it way easier to justify Austin cheating on his wife.

The physical relationship between Austin and Cam was done well and I believed the chemistry and need the two felt for each other. Although I couldn’t help think that the connection might not be realistic in the long run and more due to the trauma they had shared. I liked the story but I never felt really connected to either character although I certainly felt bad for them and wished them a happy ending. So in the end while I liked this one I didn’t love it.  This one got 3 charms for me.

Wilde Horses Review


4.5 Stars. Wilde Horses is the 4th book in the Born to Be Wilde Series but can easily be read as a stand alone. In fact, this is my favorite of the series and I really enjoyed the characters, the romance and although the villain was obvious to me I did enjoy the suspense as well.

Both Eden and Blake are wonderful characters with great chemistry! I LOVED that this couple actually communicated with each other and they trusted each other. No silly relationship drama but two mature characters who were realistic and likable. Eden and Blake come from very different worlds so the author kept me wondering how they would make everything work out. The suspense (although I thought the villain was obvious from the beginning) was done well and there were a few other suspects thrown in to keep things interesting and to add some drama to the plot.

The pace of this book kept me engrossed reading from one situation to the next with the perfect amount of action, tension, and romance. Overall, a very enjoyable and entertaining book that I recommend!  I’m going to round up and give this book 5 charms.


Beyond Reason Review


Beyond Reason is the first book in the Texas Trilogy and there were some things I really liked about and a few things that were just okay. The premise of the book was interesting and I liked Carly. I liked Linc as well although I wanted more of his personality to relate to his time in prison and misspent youth. Instead he seemed more of a typical billionaire without the edge I wanted him to have given his background. Don’t get me wrong I liked Linc but I wanted more from his character.

I really liked the RS portion of the book for the first half but once the bad guy was really introduced it went a little of the rails for me. It just seemed a little silly that he thought he could bribe/threaten anyone without any consequences. I can understand thinking he could intimidate Carly but why he thought he could intimidate Linc made no sense. The man is rich and powerful so one would think that the bad guy would pick someone a little more easily pushed around (he is obviously not going to just accept the orders given by the bad guy without fighting back) and yet the villain expects him to do exactly that. I had to completely suspend my belief for the final climax with the villain of this book.

The romance also seemed a little rushed maybe because the suspense took up a big chunk of the book so I wasn’t as invested in Carly and Linc as a couple as I wanted to be. I did really like the secondary characters and so I will probably give the second book a chance. So while enjoyable it isn’t a book that will remain with me.

I give this book 3 charms.


Devil’s Own Review


I’m hit or miss with MC books but I’m a fan of Megan Crane and her characters plus I enjoyed the earlier books in this series. Although I did enjoy this one there were some issues that I think if addressed better would have made this a 4 or 5 star read.

My biggest issue was with Lara. She grew up in a biker club and had some very legitimate issues with the biker lifestyle. She had some bad experiences with the club she was born into and abandoned by. She felt that the Club/brothers always came first above any women or family and that women can only be old ladies or club whores and very few end up as old ladies. She spends a lot of the book referring to her lust/need for Chaser as an addiction and yet she never really tries to fight the attraction. In fact she ends up having sex with Chaser within 15 minutes of a parent/teacher conference. Even if we assume that she just got carried away it basically continues to happen again and yet she never really comes to a resolution with her issues. In fact, she really doesn’t act like an Old Lady but more like a club whore (although she isn’t with anyone other than Chaser) they really don’t have a relationship outside of lots of hot sex. I really loved the opening scenes where she didn’t back down from Chaser and the verbal sparring was excellent. So I REALLY wish she would have held out longer and developed more of a relationship with Chaser before it became all about sex.

While I liked Chaser I can’t help but think that the whole question of can you be an outlaw biker and still a good father wasn’t answered in a really positive way. It was obvious that Chaser loved his daughter and would protect her with all he had but he certainly wasn’t paying enough attention to her. The fact that he left her with his psycho sister for weeks at a time and then spent more time having sex with Lara when he knew his daughter was having issues didn’t highlight great parenting skills.

This book had a lot of potential and if there was more relationship building to go along with the sex I would have liked it a lot more. Instead, we got a ton of sex and instant love which just wasn’t believable. I’m still not sure what it was about Lara that Chaser fell so hard for other than the first scene where she really stood up to him for his daughter’s well being. I would have loved if Chaser and Lara worked together to help his daughter and figure out what was going on to enhance all the sex.

I was also curious as to the overall plot with what Digger was up to within the club and towards the very end we did get some movement/answers on that issue but it didn’t seem to be a very complex plot point. I hope there is more to it in the next book. So while there were some disappointing aspects of this book I still enjoyed it and if you want some hot sex scenes Megan Crane always delivers.  I give this book 3 charms.



Lethal Lies Review

32188414Lethal Lies is the second book in Zanetti’s Blood Brothers but could be read as a stand alone although I think you’ll get more enjoyment if you’ve read the first book. I love Rebecca Zanetti and I loved the Sin Brothers and the first book in this series. I really liked this one but there were a few things that just weren’t quite as good as the other books. I went back and forth on my rating and finally settled on 4 charms because I did really enjoy this even with the few things that didn’t work as well for me. My expectations for a Zanetti book are very high and this one didn’t quite hit them.

This book centered around Heath who has always been the protector in the group which is saying a lot since both his brothers are also very protective. He is the brother who takes in stray animals and helps them and has a lot of triggers when it comes to abused women due to his mother who was killed by an abusive boyfriend. While I really liked Heath he didn’t feel as well developed as her heroes normally are. IMO too much time was spent on his “triggers” and not enough fleshing the rest of Heath out.

Anya is the target of a serial killer who’s story started in book 1. Heath and his brothers were hired by an earlier victim’s family and they have continued to work on this case. Health sees Anya as a wounded woman and wants to protect her. However, Anya is much stronger than Heath gives her credit for in the beginning. She will do anything to stop this killer and so she sets herself and Heath up as bait (although she is already a target since the killer was always after her).

I thought the suspense was very well done but the romance suffered a little. I didn’t necessarily believe the chemistry between Heath and Anya. The first half of the book there really isn’t much to the relationship between the two other than Anya lusting after Heath and him trying to protect her. It didn’t really feel like a build to me so when they end up together it just fizzled for me. I did like both characters a lot I just didn’t believe that they fell in love with each other.

I loved the interactions between the brothers and the overall plot with Dr. Madison and Sheriff Cobb. I saw at least some of the twist coming at about the 1/2 way point but there were definitely parts of it that surprised me. I think the last thing that really bothered me was Anya’s sudden ability to get away from the dangerous situation she was in at the end. It seemed completely unrealistic given the rest of the book and I had a hard time with it.

I’m glad the Copper killer plot was wrapped up in this book as I’m much more caught up in the Dr. Madison and Sheriff Cobb aspects and expect a big finale with Denver’s book which I am very much looking forward to.

So while this was my least favorite of the Sin Brothers/Blood Brothers books it was still very enjoyable. The suspense was excellent, the brothers’ relationships were touching and sweet and the ongoing plot interesting. The romance was the only part that was a bit lacking for me but still definitely worth reading.