Quinn Review

36504497I love this series but not this book. It pains me to give a book in the Vampire in America series only two charms but this one just didn’t work for me. Quinn and Eve don’t spend much time together in this book and quite frankly I was given the impression for most of the book that Quinn could easily walk away from Eve even after they have sex (which is really written as more of a hook-up then anything else). In fact, after they have sex Quinn intends to feed/have sex with someone else. So the romance was almost non-existent to me and then suddenly they are in love at the end. Eve also bothered me a bit. She came across as a bit immature and occasionally TSTL. The one thing I have always LOVED about this series is how strong the heroines are but Eve just wasn’t in the same ballpark. Sure she was a bit sassy but she was also stubborn and wouldn’t admit when she was wrong or couldn’t handle a situation. She knew almost nothing about powerful vampires and made a lot of assumptions that would probably have gotten her killed eventually. I actually enjoyed the “bromance” relationship between Quinn and his cousin Garrett then I did Quinn and Eve. However, I will say I loved the other 11 books in this series so I’ll chalk this up to a one off that just didn’t work for me and still plan to read the next book in the series.


Whisper Review

399119584.5 Charms. I love Tal Bauer and I’ve read everything he’s written and while I REALLY enjoyed this one it just wasn’t quite as good as the other books for me and that’s purely for personal reasons. The subject matter was a bit difficult for me and not necessarily something I enjoy reading about (terrorism/war and religion). It was obviously very well researched and the book had all the emotion, action, suspense, twists and turns, romance and thrills you could want in a book.

It’s a book with a very strong political background that takes us from 9-11 to today. The characters are well defined and the beginning of the book gives a strong background and context for Kris so that the reader can truly understand his thoughts and actions throughout the book. We get to know David a bit more slowly but there is just as much character depth for him as well. The romance is a very slow build and has more intimacy then sex but given the setting that made it more realistic.

This book has some brutal and violent scenes and of course a lot of suspense that keeps you on the edge of your seat. It goes deeply into the Muslim religion and at times the dialogue didn’t feel exactly like the way people would talk (at least none of the soldiers I served with) but more of a way of explaining the religion and there were a few times if felt just a tad bit preachy to me. Not in a bad way as the overall message was one of love and tolerance and understanding. This is a long book that will take more than one setting to get through and due to the nature of the content I had to put it down a few times before coming back to it. If you enjoy political thrillers in your M/M romance then you will LOVE this book. I enjoyed it a lot but it just wasn’t quite as good as the Executive Office books for me and I couldn’t quite give it that 5 charm rating – so 4.5 charms for me.

Midnight Wolf Review


I really enjoy this series and I have to admit this was one of my favorites since the first few books (which are still the best IMO). This book centers around Angus who has been ordered by the shifter bureau to track down an uncollared shifter (Tamsin). Naturally Angus wants nothing to do with this but they’ve taken his son and won’t return him until he brings in Tamsin.

I really loved Angus and Tamsin together and thought it was a great pairing. The two have some definite opposite qualities but they just fit. Angus is a bit broody and quiet. He’s also a bit shy in some regards although he loves his son with all his heart and has a big protective instinct. He thinks about things before acting and has a few very close friends he can count on. Tamsin on the other hand is a loner and impetuous. She never seems to sit still and quiet isn’t a word you would ever use to describe her. I enjoyed watching Tamsin lead Angus on a merry chase as he tried to catch her and even once he had. The romance felt believable and not as rushed as some of the books in this series.

There was also plenty of action along the way and a few new characters. Some of my absolute favorite characters played a significant role in this one as well (Tiger, Ben and Xander). I have to admit I’m not a big fan of the sentient house plot but it’s a minor quibble as it didn’t play much of a role in this one. I thought the carnival was a great touch and of course Ciaran is an adorable cub. The overall plot didn’t move forward much in this book although there was a bit of information about the creation of shifters that was fascinating and I enjoyed seeing the fae again. I really hope Ben’s story is next!

Overall, a fun, action packed and heart warming romantic edition to the series.


Kiss Me Back Review

35034613I haven’t read the previous two books in the series but this one can be read as a stand alone easily.
This book centers around Fox and Lola. I really liked Fox (although it took a little bit of the book to get under his armor and realize what a great guy he was). Fox was a sweet, protective and really nice guy. He has all the patience in the world when it comes to Lola (which he needs).

Lola on the other hand was a bit harder to relate to. I was however surprised by her secret and thought it was a really nice twist. I admired Lola while I didn’t always like her or understand her but then I haven’t walked a mile in her shoes. She was a very strong character and very independent. In fact, it was that independence that bothered me a bit. She took it to extremes and wouldn’t except that people might just want to help her because they were her friend. She was so apart from all of her co-workers and completely isolated herself. She also had a tendency to jump to conclusions (and never on the positive side) especially when it came to Fox. In the end I felt like Fox did all the giving and Lola just took and the balance was a bit off in the relationship for me.

Still I enjoyed it and would go back and read the first two books in the series.


WILD Review


4.5 Charms. Wow this book kept me turning pages and unable to put it down. It grips you from the first page and doesn’t ever let go. It’s also very different from other books and I thoroughly enjoyed this one.

I loved both August and Keegan (although Keegan stole my heart more than August did). I really enjoyed reading about August’s reaction/fear to the environment he was suddenly thrust into. I also loved his strength and determination to not only survive but to be useful. Keegan was an amazing character. His love for August and his willingness to do anything to make sure he survived was incredible. I thought the pacing of their relationship was perfect and the sex scenes between the two were hot!

The descriptions made me feel like I was back in Alaska and extremely well written. Of course how can you not love Daisy, the wolf and her relationship with August.

I picked this book because I wanted something set in Alaska and stumbled across this KU book. I’m so glad I read it and look forward to reading more from Adrienne Wilder.


M/M Monday – Squared Away Review


4.5 Charms!

This isn’t your typical romance story and was different from the previous books in the series but in a wonderful way. This is a character driven book about two very different men who slowly find each other in the mist of tragedy. There isn’t much sex in this book but there are a lot of tender, intimate moments that I loved. I really loved Mark’s sexual journey and thought it was wonderfully written (although I freely admit I don’t know much about Ace/Demi). Mark was a character with faults and issues but he was also a guy with good intentions and I loved his character growth throughout the book. Both Mark and Isaiah are dealing with grief/loss although I thought the book focused more on Mark’s grief then Isaiah (and I do wish that Mark would have acknowledged Isaiah’s loss). The relationship between the two was a slow, sweet burn and it felt realistic. I also thought that the relationship between Isaiah and his father and the progress they made was realistic. No sudden bonding/understanding but a slow change to a better place for both of them. IMO kids in romance books can be tricky but the kids in this book were used in a perfect way. Enough that they had their own personalities and weren’t just a convenient plot point but not too much to take away from Mark and Isaiah. Of course it was great to have a few interactions with some of the characters from the previous books and I loved Bacon so hopefully his book will be next.

If you want a book with a fantastic emotional connection between the two MC’s, some beautifully intimate moments, and great character growth then this is the perfect book and it can easily be read as a stand alone.

M/M Monday Murder Takes the High Road Review

37644893This book was a fun mystery with a group of people that don’t know each other so lots of suspects, an interesting setting with wonderful descriptions, and a good mystery. However, I never really fell in love with the MC’s (especially John). I also thought Trevor’s character was a bit over the top with no redeeming characteristics. There were a few cliches thrown in at the end. Everyone on a private island where a murder takes place in a big storm so there is no way to communicate with authorities or get help. It reminded me a bit of an old style murder mystery like Murder on the Orient Express. I think a lot of people will love this book but I just wanted a bit more romance or connection to the characters. If you are looking for a cozy mystery, an old school mystery and a well written book with beautifully written descriptions of the setting and a few twists and turns then I recommend this book.


M/M Monday – Undone By You Review


Undone by You is the 3rd book in the Chicago Rebels series and the first M/M in that series. Although you could read this as a stand alone some of the plot is a carry over from the first two books so I think you’d get more enjoyment if you read the first two.

I really liked the earlier books in this series but I LOVED this one! Dante is the general manager of the Chicago Rebels hockey team and he is openly gay. He has worked very hard to be respected as a gay man in professional sports and he’s concentrating on his career. He’s had his heart broken before and he’s not looking to get involved but he is attracted to Cade, one of the hockey players on his team and when Cade propositions him he’s shocked (since he and everyone else believes Cade to be straight) but he’s also tempted.

Cade hasn’t come out but he knows what he wants and he wants Dante. Cade is sexy, and funny and normally an easy going guy but he’s determined to be with Dante. Dante isn’t sure he wants to be with Cade, not only is he in the closet but it’s also frowned on for him to be in a relationship with one of his players. Cade isn’t going to take no for an answer though and the two begin a wonderful push/pull attraction with lots of humor and great banter.

I really loved both Cade and Dante. Cade was easy going but he also never stepped back from pursuing Dante. While Dante was a bit more hesitant I still really loved him. Both are Alpha males but very different and they really balanced each other as well. I enjoyed everything about this book but especially Cade’s coming out and the way the rest of his team handled it.

Dante and Cade had a very hot, slow burn relationship with a great connection and witty banter. I highly recommend this book!

Two Man Station – Review


3.5 Charms. This book just wasn’t quite what I was expecting. The pacing was slower than I expected and the romance was a VERY slow burn. It was well written but it was also easy to put down and then come back to later.

I liked the idea of the book and my heart broke for Gio. I love police stories and I like a good hurt/comfort book so I expected to love this one. The romance was very slow and the first half of the book was mostly the two cops going on routine calls and teaching Gio the ropes of being a cop in the small community. I really didn’t feel the chemistry between the two characters and although there are a couple of sex scenes it wasn’t super hot. I think they spend more time not in a relationship then in it and at the end of the book they are really just beginning a relationship. Maybe book two will expand on the same characters/relationship because this felt like a book that was setting up the relationship.

Still if you don’t mind a slower pace and a relationship that is slow burn and just getting started then give this one a try.

Baby, I’m Howling For You Review

35696971This wasn’t a bad book but it also didn’t have anything new or a romance that really drew me in. It was easy to put down and I did that several times before I finished it. I liked Mike and Renny but didn’t necessarily love them as a couple. It was a typical “true mate” instant lust which is okay but both were saying I love you very quickly and I never really believed the love – lust yes but love not so much. Mike had a really interesting background with the potential for some huge emotional impact but it just never really happened. He was able to get over his past and start fresh with his new mate without much of an issue (after the first 18 hours of their meeting each other). I wanted his past to have more impact on the now. As for Renny she was a strong heroine but it seemed she expected/needed Mike to love her extremely quickly and had no patience if he didn’t admit he loved her right now which annoyed me a bit.

The plot was good but there were no unexpected surprises and the villains were a bit OTT caricatures. I think if the coyotes were a little less horrible and we got to see their dynamics a bit more it would have added to the story. I was also disappointed in the final battle <spoiler>Mike took out his entire old pact but then he gets hurt so quickly that he coyote is about to kill him so Renny has to shoot him? The whole book he is supposed to be this really bad-ass alpha so I expected more from the last fight</spoiler>

I did really enjoy some of the secondary characters and thought the town Alphaville was interesting. So while it didn’t set any new trends it was a solid shifter romance and it may be more of what you like to read then me so read some of the other reviews that gave this one a 4 or 5 star.