M/M Monday – Lace Covered Compromise Review

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3.5 Stars. I enjoyed this in spite of Adam who was rather hard to like for a good chunk of the book. I love a good enemies to lovers book and this one definitely fit that category and had a some really hot “hate” sex. Adam is just hard to relate to and hard to like in the beginning. He is entitled, spoiled, stubborn, used to getting his way and prone to temper tantrums when he doesn’t. It isn’t until about half way through the book we realize that he’s also insecure, lonely and scared. It doesn’t excuse his behavior but it goes a long way towards making me not hate him. He really only has one true friend and she doesn’t take any of his crap and sees him for exactly who he is.

We really only get a peek at Adam’s relationship with his father because this book starts with his death and the fact that he gave half his company to Nate. We don’t really get much background on Nate at all except that he is more of a do-gooder who loves the environment and is a people person. The two have to find a way to work together to save the company but they have radically different ideas and neither is very good at compromise. They have “hate” sex pretty quickly and I do love that Nate is the bossy one in the bedroom.

Adam isn’t out and no one knows he is bisexual as opposed to Nate who is comfortable with who he is. I think for me the feelings were a bit quick and other than a couple of dates and a lot of sex there wasn’t enough time to find it really believable. Adam can be a jerk and doesn’t always treat Nate all that well but I loved that Nate didn’t just instantly forgive him nor did he just let sex fix it. Adam had to step up with not only through actions but with his words as well.

So while I didn’t love Adam and I wanted more character development from Nate I did enjoy this book and the sex was hot! This is my first book by Silvia Violet but I would definitely read more by her.


The Trouble with Twelfth Grave Review


The Trouble with Twelfth Grave is definitely not a stand alone book and there were some truly great moments in this book! However a couple of things kept this from being a 5 star book for me. If you’re a fan of the series then you know everything that Charley and Reyes have been through in the last 11 books and of course book 11 ended on a huge cliff hanger with Reyes coming back from a hell realm not himself.

Honestly, I had forgotten some things so I loved the way Darynda Jones reminded us of Charley and Reyes past as well as filled in a lot of details that we didn’t know before. It’s through a set of children’s books that Garrett discovers and gives to Charley to read. A seven year old deaf and blind prophet wrote the books about Charley, Reyes and Beep and through Charley reading these books we are reminded and give details of the history.

There is a lot of humor in this book and I love Charley’s sarcasm however I do wish she would grow a bit. Her stick her head in the sand and hope things will go away and her naming everything under the sun is a little over the top in this book with all she is dealing with. I love funny and crazy Charley but she can still be that with some growth as well. As for Reyes – I love him whether he is Reyes or Rey’aziel or Rey’azikeen but a couple of scenes from his POV would have helped because honestly there was a huh moment at the end for me. <spoiler>I’m still not sure whether he was aware of exactly who he was and his feelings for Charley the whole time? After all some of his actions really hurt Charley. Yet it seems at the end it was more a matter of well I just needed you to trust me no matter what. Really?</spoiler> I also wish we had a bit more of Reyes in this book but then I always say that cause I just can’t get enough!

The story certainly isn’t predictable and that says’s something after 12 books! It’s exciting, and fun and will keep you on the edge of your seat to see what happens. The whole gang is there and with plenty of humor and Charleyisms. However, I don’t see why we had to have another huge cliffhanger. After 12 books I would hope the author knows we are going to come back for the final book and wouldn’t see the need for another cliffhanger – it’s frustrating.

Still it was an excellent book and aside from the few things mentioned above I really enjoyed it. I will definitely be coming back to read the final book as soon as it’s released to see how it all ends!

The Christmas Cowboy Hero Review

34868173Halloween is over and I’m ready to start diving into my Christmas stories.

I enjoyed this light and very sweet story. The hero was a former Navy Seal who had separated from the Navy but didn’t return to his family ranch like his parents expected. He’s still haunted by his brother’s death and his time in the military and feels the things he’s seen and done have changed him to much to be the son his parent’s expect. When his father has a stroke and their cattle and bull are stolen along with the funds from the ranch’s accounts he returns home to make sure his family doesn’t lose their ranch. The police caught one young teen from the group who stole the cattle but he refuses to tell the police or Clayton who else was involved. Clayton decides to give the young teen, Brice, a second chance by having him work at the ranch. He hopes to earn his trust so that he will tell them who was involved and also realizes that Brice is a good kid with a tough home life who made a bad decision. Clayton also meets Abby, Brice’s older sister and legal guardian. She has been raising her two brothers since she was 18 and her mom ran off. She works hard but is struggling to pay the bills, work, finish her degree and raise her two brothers.

Clayton is fiercely attracted to Abby and he begins to try to help the entire family. Abby makes him feel good again and suddenly he isn’t sure he wants to fix the ranch’s problems and leave. Abby makes him realize he just might be home for good. Abby is stubborn and smart and she doesn’t trust easily but she sees how much good Clayton is doing for her brother and she can’t help but like having someone to lean on and help her with her brothers. Clayton’s parents practically adopt the Abby and her brothers and she loves feeling a part of a family.

The romance happens a bit fast – especially on Clayton’s side and it’s very sweet (think Hallmark Christmas movie). However, there is also a nice plot along side the romance. In the backdrop of the romance Clayton is busy trying to find out who stole the cattle, find the accountant that embezzled his money and keep Abby and her brother’s safe. Although Christmas is in the title and the book is set around the Christmas time frame it isn’t a heavy part of the story. This is primarily a story about family. Abby and her brothers and Clayton and his parents and how the two begin to intertwine.

If you’re looking for a sweet, low angst and family focused feel good story then I recommend The Christmas Cowboy Hero.

A little too instant on the love and a bit overly sweet so I’ll give this one 3.5 charms and round up to 4.


M/M Monday – Off the Ice Review


I love a really well written sports romance and this one was really well done! We have all kinds of wonderful things in this book – two great characters, opposites attracting, some hockey, student/teacher, dirty talk and some mild kink as well! We also get a relationship that builds – instant lust but thankfully no instant love. We also get two characters who have some hard decisions to make but take the time to think it through and all the ramifications of those decisions.

This book centers around Tristan Holt who is a 23 year old NHL hockey player who is in the closet to his family, his team and the world at large. He knows that hockey won’t be his life forever and he wants a back-up plan so he decides to finish his degree. His first class is a sociology class where he meets his professor Sebastian Cruz. Sebastian is only teaching summer classes in hopes that it helps him get tenure. He is broody and gruff and although he is teaching about bias he makes one of his own about Tristan. Thankfully, he own up to it quickly and the two get to know each other a little better. They are both very attracted to each other but they also know that because of the student/teacher relationship they can’t act on it. That doesn’t mean they can’t fantasize about each other though and once the grades are in all bets are off.

Sebastian is quite a bit older than Tristan and a dominant personality. I loved that he was the dominant one in the bedroom but out of it they were equals. The sex between them was super hot and I liked that they didn’t rush into the I love yous. There was a bit of humiliation play which I don’t really like but it wasn’t so much that it made me uncomfortable. In fact, I thought the author did a great job of having Sebastian give Tristan exactly what he needed and wanted.

The angst was derived from the fact that Sebastian was out and proud and didn’t want to go back in the closet and Tristan wasn’t ready to come out. I thought this book did a great job of slowly letting Tristan make some decisions about coming out. <spoiler>I really liked that it was his family first, then later his team and that he didn’t decide to come out to the world which I wouldn’t have found believable given his reticence.</spoiler>

Overall, I really enjoyed this book and found it had everything I’m looking for in a sports romance including some excellent secondary characters that I’m really looking forward to reading about. I highly recommend this book and hope to get Ryu’s story next!


Cloud Forest

A cloud forest, also called a fog forest, is a generally tropical or subtropical, evergreen, montane, moist forest characterized by a persistent, frequent or seasonal low-level cloud cover, usually at the canopy level. 

✒Read a book with a Cloud on the cover

✒Read a book with a tree on the cover

✒Read a book with the word FOG in the text

*Clue: Card 22

Touch of Red Review

344669264.5 Stars but I love this series so I’m rounding up to 5 stars. Touch of Red is the 12th book in the series but could be read as a stand alone although some of the previous characters have cameos.

Laura Griffin definitely has a formula when it comes to this series but it works and I enjoy the books. There is a good mix of suspense vs romance although this one is a bit heavier on the romance then the suspense. She writes enjoyable characters and really hot heroes who you can’t help but love.

This book centers around Brooke, a Delphi Center crime scene investigator, with a lot of relationship baggage and Sean, a homicide detective, who after a near death experience figured out exactly what he wanted in life and isn’t afraid to go after it. I admit I loved Sean right away and as the story went on I just loved him more. He’s patient, kind, sweet, hot and with just enough alpha to keep me happy with out being overbearing. I really liked Brooke as well but as the story went on I found some of her actions a bit unrealistic and while I won’t say she was TSTL I did find myself shaking my head a time or two at some of her decisions.

The book starts with a really gruesome murder that Brooke and Sean are called out to. The murder seems to be leading one way at the beginning but after several other clues come to light it goes in an entirely different direction. I enjoyed the suspense aspect and if it had been a bit stronger this would have been a solid 5 star read for me.

Another solid, entertaining romantic suspense book that kept me turning pages until I finished it.


Deck the Halls Review

35965582This is a short contemporary holiday romance about two people who desperately need closure and a second chance. I’ve always loved George and I was happy to read about him as a MC in this book. He’s a very complex and interesting character who has grown through the series from a man who lost everything when he was discharged from the military and ended up homeless to a man who is slowly finding his way back. Thanks to some of the citizens of Darling (mostly the Gallaghers) George has been given a second chance. He’s very slowly re-entering society and figuring out how to live again although he’s still filled with guilt over his best friends death.

George is getting by until Amy, his best friend’s twin sister shows up wanting to know more about the day her brother died. This sends George into a bit of a tailspin and feelings he’s tried to forget have reawakened. Amy has questions about her brother’s death and is dealing with a recent divorce as well. Both characters have been going through the motions and together they start to find a way to heal.

I really liked that George continued his slow evolution of healing and although I thought Amy was a bit pushy at times when it came to George’s PTSD I also realize that this was a short book so things had to happen rather quickly. This was a wonderful comfort/healing story that will leave you with a glow and is perfect for the holidays.

Five Dares Review


I loved this book – it was funny and sweet and hot and had two really wonderful main characters.

Andy and Jake have been best friends since grade school and now they were both graduating from college and heading off in different directions. Andy has a wild streak that comes out through the stunts he sets up although the rest of his life is very structured. Jake “helps” Andy but keeps him in check so he doesn’t go too crazy. Andy has one last dare for the Andy and Jake show but he doesn’t research/prepare as much as he usually does and things go wrong leaving them both with second and third degree burns on their hands. Neither one of them can use their hands for the summer so Andy convinces Jake to recuperate with him at his family’s cottage where his family has arranged for a nurse to come in and help them some.

Jake has been in love with Andy for years but had finally started to put some distance between them when they got to college since he realized he’d never get to have Andy the way he wanted. So the first couple of weeks at the cottage is the two friends hanging out but Andy is horny as can be (I loved the scene where he is talking about all the ways he tried to get off but couldn’t – it was really funny). Finally he decides that he and Jake should help each other out orally. Andy tells Jake they can just close their eyes and pretend they are doing it themselves. Jake flips out at first because he isn’t sure he can take the emotion out of sex but finally agrees.

What comes next is a progression from oral sex just to get off to getting off with feelings. We also see a series of flashbacks of previous dares that Andy and Jake were involved in through the years and this comes into play later in the book in a wonderful way I didn’t see coming. The two grow closer and closer and although it’s obvious that there is a lot more involved neither one of them admit it and finally their hands are healed. I admit I was worried at this point in the book and my heart when thump during the scenes where they are driving home from the hospital and Andy realizes they no longer have an excuse to continue to touch each other.

I loved that the way the author took this story and the fact that they were honest enough to admit they wanted to continue to be together until of course Jake ends up with his heart broken. I’m glad the separation wasn’t a long one but I have to admit the scene with Andy on the roof calling Jake had me in tears and it was so emotional and so well written. I loved the epiphany Andy has while having lunch with his mother and how that changed so much. I also loved that Andy’s dad didn’t end up being a jerk. Yes he was a bit too controlling but it was so nice that it came from a place of love. He was a realistic character and I could see that although he didn’t go about it in the best way he just wanted what was best for his son. Honestly the roof top and the epiphany scene were my favorites and the grand gesture at the end seemed a bit rushed to me although I did love the epilogue at the end.

I loved this best friends to lovers story! It had likable and developed characters, hot sex scenes, lots of humor and some emotional scenes. You can’t ask for much more!