Tempting Fate Review


I am a big fan of this series and have enjoyed all the books so far. I really enjoyed this one as well. Both Naomi and Chaska were wonderful characters that fit well together. I also really enjoyed the information about the rescues, the native american culture and the animals and landscape of Colorado. There was a small mystery and just enough action. The romance was sweet and I enjoyed watching Naomi grow throughout the book. Chaska was a wonderful hero and not only was he sweet, hot and smart but he loved to take care of people. As always the secondary characters were interesting and added to the book.  4 Charms!


Resurrection Review

34849664Honestly I usually hate the “fake death” plot but I gave this a chance since I love Katie Reus and I’m so glad I did. Usually I just don’t understand why the woman (yes it’s usually the woman) fakes her death instead of just asking for help and trusting the person they love. However, the way this one was written (I won’t give it away) actually worked and was believable. I found myself thinking okay I can understand why she did what she did. Better yet, the hero does as well and I loved that he understands her decision and doesn’t hold a grudge or anger at the heroine.

This book actually has two couples and although Skye and Colt and clearly the main couple I really loved reading the parts with Mercer and Mary Grace as well. I even loved that we got the POV of the first villain and thought that rounded out the book nicely adding an element to the story. The suspense elements were well paced, exciting and kept me turning the page while the romance was hot and emotional.

The perfect mix of suspense/romance and a great start to a new series – I can’t wait to see what happens next.  Definitely 5 charms!

M/M Monday Pounding Skin Review

35101031Pounding Skin is the second book in the Skin Deep Inc Series but can easily be read as a stand alone book. This book centers around Matt who works at Skin Deep and has just realized that he might be bisexual do to an “off screen” threesome he had with his best friend and her boyfriend. The second main character is Jon, a fighter pilot in the Navy who has no interest in relationships and is a bit of a man whore. When the two meet they are instantly attracted to each other and agree to a purely sexual relationship. They quickly become friends and from there the relationship grows to a very sweet and romantic yet sexy pairing.

I liked the progression of Matt’s realization of his bisexuality and why he’d been hiding it even if I didn’t completely believe his complete dismissal of his sexual preference considering EVERYONE else knew about it. While Jon took a bit more time to warm up to he was a very believable character and his lack of desire to be in a relationship fit the fighter pilot mentality.

I thought the sex scenes between Matt and Jon were intense and very hot! I did love that Matt was completely on-board with exploring his bisexuality and didn’t second guess himself. What I really loved was the way that Matt and Jon’s relationship progressed even though neither of them would admit/realize it. I found it very sweet. Although the final resolution was a bit quick and I would have liked to see it stretched out a bit more.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book and I have to admit I absolutely can’t wait for Nate’s book as he stole my heart in this book. I give this a solid 4 charms!

Rescue Me Review

35523096Rescue Me is the 4th book in the Amberly series but can be read as a stand alone book. This book centers around Enz0 (a rock star who is coming out of a rehab facility and Finn a firefighter. I enjoyed this book and the characters were both very likable. Although Enzo’s addiction isn’t a main plot of this book it is handled with care although with a light hand. At times I had a hard time picturing Enzo as a rock star since we never really see that part of his life and there are only a few mentions of his partying lifestyle. Finn also has a few issues to work through and I did wish their was a bit more to the resolution he has with his family. I enjoyed both Enzo and Finn as characters and thought they worked well together. The secondary characters were from the earlier books and it was fun to catch up with them but it isn’t necessary to have read their stories to enjoy this one. I did of course love the inclusion of Sheba, the dog in this book. Sheba was a well rounded character and very believable. The sex scenes were well done (except for when one of the characters used the word meat).

Unfortunately there are some typos in this book that pulled me out of the story occasionally. However, overall I enjoyed this book and the characters and look forward to future books in the series.


Burning to Ride Review


1.5 Stars. MC books are hit and miss for me but unfortunately this one was a big miss for me (especially the first story). The first book is about Hade who is set to take over the MC since his brother’s death. Apparently there is some rule that he can’t have a relationship if he’s in charge but then he meets Lee who is upstairs for a menage except that the other two people pass out before they actually have sex so she wants Hade to “take over.” Apparently he finds her very hot and so he does. I can’t say I found Lee appealing at all. I like a woman who likes sex and is not shy about it but I just didn’t like her character. Hade was undeveloped and I never really got a good read on him. I also didn’t find the MC club all that believable.

The second book was a little better.  I still think there was a lack of character development and I found the plot a bit unrealistic. Some of my frustration with the first book may have carried over to the second book as well. Overall this was just a big miss for me.

The first book is one charm and the second book is two charms so I’ll give this one an overall two charms.

Until The Sun Sets Review


Until the Sun Sets is the 3rd book in The Graysons by Tara Wyatt but can easily be read as a stand alone book. This was a short but fun and entertaining book with likable characters and a hot yet sweet friends to lovers romance.

When we first meet Dean I wasn’t sure about him (I mean a guy who’s family asks him to bring a date so he doesn’t seduce the bridesmaids isn’t exactly a guy anyone would want to get involved with). But having him take his good friend Carly works well since they have an established relationship. She already sees a side of Dean that most people don’t because they are friends and there is a certain level of trust that is already established. I admit I’m a sucker for the “fake relationship” trope if it’s done right and this one was IMO. I loved the tropical setting of the beaches of Mexico and the way the relationship went from to pretend to reality. Carly and Dean were great together and I thoroughly enjoyed their romance. Although this was fairly short I never felt rushed and this is a wonderful summer, beach read!

4 Charms for this engaging, fun summer book

M/M Monday – Spun Review

34748555.jpgSpun is the 4th book in The Shamwell Tales and can be read as a stand alone – I did and I thoroughly enjoyed it! I loved the English dialect, humor and characters and although I can’t vouch for the authenticity it felt realistic to me.

This is a very character driven and humorous book with a slow burn M/M romance that just worked. There is a big age difference between Davy (who is 24) and Rory (41) who is a divorced, father of two and previously straight character. Davy is flamboyant and fun. He has a teddy bear he dresses up and makes no apologies for who he is. He’s been fired from his last job and so he arrives in Shamwell (A small village) hoping his old boss/friend Mark can provide him with a job and a place to live. Mark provides him with the job and then introduces him to Rory who could use the money and has an extra room.

Rory is a very down to earth, sweet man who loves his job and loves his kids. Life has been hard on him recently and he’s lonely. He only has custody of his kids every other weekend and he just got dumped by his latest girlfriend. Enter Davy who brings fun, laughter and a brightness into Rory’s life. His kids love Davy and isn’t long before the two have a fabulous friendship. At first blush these two don’t strike you as two men who would fall for each other but they bond over their lack of culinary skills, love of Doctor Who and Agent Carter and respect for each other. It isn’t too long before Rory is starting to question his sexuality and feelings for Davy.

I loved both Rory and Davy and I loved them together. It seems that no one in their lives believe that these two could work (including themselves sometimes) but they do and the slow burn romance is fantastic! You can’t help but root for these two and laugh along with them as they work their way to a happy ending.  4 Charms for this witty, fun and character driven book.

M/M Monday – Love and Other Hot Beverages Review


I really, really struggled to finish this book and almost DNF several times. Honestly, I did end up skimming in some parts of the book.

Todd basically ran away after his last break-up and is working in construction and is back in the closet. He’s basically waiting for his ex-boyfriend to change his mind and want him back. He’s decided to hide the fact that he’s gay because he assumes the other construction workers are homophobic. Sebastian (Sebby) is the office manager for the construction company and he’s out of the closet and a total flirt. He is constantly flirting with Todd who is basically very rude to him at first. Sebby knows that Todd isn’t over his ex-boyfriend but decides to help him heal. Although he doesn’t plan to fall for Todd he does.

Both Todd and Sebby were almost totally different characters when they were at work and when they were home. Actually Todd kept changing his personality so many times I got whiplash. Sebby is hiding past secrets from Todd and of course Todd is hung up on his ex through most of the book. Once Sebby and Todd are in a relationship and having sex, Sebby decides that Todd really needs to have sex with two of his friends (Sebby isn’t even there for that) just sends him off. Then he gets scared and has sex with someone else because Todd wasn’t there. I really struggled with this and REALLY wanted to DNF at this point because Todd really didn’t want to do this and Sebby really pushed him into it. The whole thing was just off-putting for me.

I never really felt a connection between these two. Between the “cheating” and one of them being completely hung up on an ex there just wasn’t much romance. Both of these men had some serious issues and the author basically chose to tie everything up in a neat bow at the end that I found completely unbelievable.

I never really liked either character and the dialogue was just bizarre at times. The banter felt stilted and the sex scenes were just okay.

Overall I just can’t recommend this one. One Charm from me.



A Stardance Summer Review


This was the first book I’ve read in this series and although there were a lot of characters that were in previous books that I was just meeting for the first time I still really enjoyed this book. Occasionally I was a bit lost on who was who and if I’d read the earlier books in the series I’m sure I would have enjoyed the brief scenes with the characters from earlier books. Still for jumping into the 13th book in the series I ended up really liking this book and it made me want to go back and read the earlier books in the series.

I really liked Lili and I thought her growth through the story was wonderful! Yes, she was running from her problems but I loved that she had the courage to completely start over and figure out what she really wanted. I thought Patsy and her camping group were a lot of fun and I loved the relationship between Patsy and Lili. I do have to admit that I wasn’t as crazy about Celeste and the whole angel thing – I just don’t see someone talking in encouraging sayings the way she did so that part just threw me out of the story.

I also really liked Brick (Mark) although I would have liked to get to know his character a bit more and I wish there was more to his reticence then I got hurt once so I never want to be in a relationship again. The romance was VERY slow burning and although I really enjoyed it I also wish Brick and Lili had spent more time together as a couple. There were a lot of little story lines and characters that were thrown in and didn’t seem necessary (like the famous actress).

I also really hate it when a book talks about a woman as “wild” or a “ho” because she has a one night stand with a man. It’s completely fine for the man in the book but not the woman and that drives me nuts. It’s something that was minor in this book but I wish author’s would stop doing that.

Overall, this was a lovely, humorous and enjoyable story with interesting and likable characters. So I definitely think I’ll be going back to book one to read about the characters in Eternity Springs.  Overall a 4 charm book for me.



King of Clubs Review


I enjoyed this one more than the first one and I can’t wait to read Nate’s book! This had a lot of action and suspense and plenty of romance. Both the characters were likable and although the romance was pretty instant it didn’t drive too crazy.

I love the relationship between the brothers and the interactions with the three of them are really well written. Although it does crack me up how many people they tell they are undercover FBI agents to. I thought the suspense built at an excellent pace and I liked that once Lauren learned to defend herself she became more self confident. I think the one thing that really bothered me about Lauren was that she was so willing to walk away from Court. I can understand the first time somewhat but the rationale behind he’s in danger and I don’t want to get hurt makes no sense. She’s already in love with him so if something happens to him she’s going to be hurt anyway. I’ve never met anyone who lost a spouse and said wow if I’d have know they were going to die I never would have married them. It’s a ridiculous thought process. But I digress – overall Lauren wasn’t my favorite female character but I liked her enough and I thought she grew throughout the book. I really liked Court and I was rooting for the two of them.

The abusive spouse plot wasn’t anything new but it was well done and I enjoyed the overall plot. Overall an enjoyable book but Nate stole the show for me again in this book and I’m really looking forward to his book!  I give this book 4 charms.