Tight Quarters Review

39675783I absolutely love this series. As a retired military officer I need my military romances to be realistic if not always 100% accurate. This series always does that along with characters I love, a bit of angst and some hot sex. This book was no exception to that and it gave us two characters that I really loved, with interesting backstories. I loved both Bacon and Spencer. They were honest, deep and moving characters.

I loved both Bacon’s commitment to his profession and to him team and Spencer’s commitment to his journalistic integrity. I loved that the two men communicated with each other and respected each other even if they didn’t always agree. The UST in the first half of this book was smoking hot and I enjoyed the slow burn. The second half slows down a bit once the mission is over but in a good way that balanced out the book. The emails back and forth were sweet and a great way to see how they interacted between the times they could be together. Although the sex was hot I also loved that there was a lot more to their relationship and that they were there for each other and enjoyed taking care of each other.

The conflict fit the story and was believable and added just the right amount of angst to the story. I found the resolution to be believable and heart warming. I liked the compromise and the way they worked it out. I also of course enjoyed the secondary characters and catching glimpses of previous characters from Wizard, Maddox and of course Wes and Dustin. I also enjoyed the new characters including Oscar and the way he fit into this book.

While this wasn’t my favorite in the series it is right up there at the top and I highly recommend this military M/M book!  I give it 4.5 Charms.



Vampire’s Faith Review

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I am a huge fan of the Dark Protectors series so I was really excited to see another book in this series since I had thought it was finished. This book starts a new phase in the series with characters we’ve never met before although thankfully Logan and Garrett are in this one which saved this book for me.

Honestly, the first part of this book was a solid 4 stars leaning towards five. I loved the beginning when Ronan first wakes up from his coma. Faith is a neurosurgeon brought in on his case and he knows she’s his mate because he’s been dreaming about her. Ronan must convince Faith that author species exist, she’s his mate, and that he’s the good guy trying to keep her safe. Ronan has been confined in a parallel universe for centuries as a guardian against an indestructible being who has the ability to kill all enhanced women. When he wakes up he’s in a modern world that he knows nothing about. I loved watching him discover the new world and that part was really funny and engaging. There was some obvious chemistry between Ronan and Faith but on the whole neither of those characters really resonated with me. Roman was just a bit too Alpha (giving orders that he expected to be followed and because he came from a time where women really didn’t have independence/rights he was even more of a jerk at times). Faith was just TSTL. For an intelligent neurosurgeon she made some really stupid decisions. She rarely took the time to think through things but would rush into dangerous situations with no regard to anyone else she was putting in danger. In fact she is directly responsible for a lot of destruction and almost getting Garrett killed and yet no one calls her on this.

Hope (Janie and Zane’s daughter) is also in this book but her story is exactly the same as Janie’s was. Maybe it’s supposed to feel like a full circle thing but to me it was just repetition since I’ve read this plot before.

So unfortunately for me I was a bit disappointed in this book. I wasn’t a big fan of the new characters and the heroine’s stupidity drove me crazy. I did love the scenes with Garrett and Logan and hope they are in the next books a bit more. This arc of the series will be about the seven and if I had to guess the next book will either be Faith’s sister and Adare or Ivar and the physicist.

Threat of Danger Review


This is the second book in the Mission Recovery series but can easily be read as a stand alone. I enjoyed the first book but I LOVED the second one in this series. This story centers around ex-seal and author Derek and Hollywood stunt woman Jess who have a history. Derek was the first love and first sexual experience for Jess but that was swept aside when the two were kidnapped and held captive for 3 days while Jess was beaten and raped while Derek could do nothing to stop it. Ultimately, Derek got free and carried Jess out but she still thinks of him as the person who saw her at her weakest and lowest point. The town was less then supporting with some going so far as to say the couple made it up for attention so Jess leaves town to live with her aunt in California and Derek joins the Navy.

This book really starts ten years later when Jess returns home to help her mom who broke her hip. She has no plans to stay and wants to get in and out quickly with as few reminders of the past as possible. When she learns that Derek moved home it makes this impossible. When Jess finds out that another girl has gone missing she and Derek convinced that the killer is still on the loose.

Jess is stand offish in the beginning and still harbors a lot of anger but as she spends more time in town and with Derek she begins to let go of the anger and face her past. Jess was a very strong character who was easy to admire and root for. Derek who still feels guilty for not escaping earlier and not being able to protect Jess is also facing the past and desperately wants to keep Jess safe while he tries to draw the killer out. Derek was a great hero with compassion, strength and a sense of humor that the reader got to see just when a break from the suspense was needed.

I loved both Jess and Derek and was drawn into their story immediately. Although I was pretty sure I knew who the villain was there was still plenty of suspense and a few likely suspects. The author also gave us the POV of the villain in just the right moments making it all the more creepy.

The chemistry between Jess and Derek is immediate and felt and I really enjoyed that this was seen through their actions not inner monologues. This was definitely a case of show me vs tell me (which I am a big fan of). Jess is a bit leery of her feelings for Derek and not sure they can move past their history but Derek knows he wants Jess and is willing to do whatever it takes to get another chance with her.

This book had everything I look for in a romantic suspense: strong, likable characters, chemistry and a wonderful romance, edge of your seat suspense, action, strong secondary characters and a plot that was gripping. I highly recommend this book for fans of the genre!

Cold Blooded Review


Cold Blooded is the 10th book in Cold Justice but can easily be read as a stand alone. This romantic suspense is a bit heavier on the suspense/mystery than the romance IMO but there was plenty of both to keep to me hooked!

This book centers around Pip, a reporter who was working on a police corruption story when things took a deadly turn. Pip is disillusioned and a bit lost so she quits her job and heads out to see her best friend Cindy. When she arrives she finds Cindy dead and although the police and the FBI believe her friend died of an overdose Pip doesn’t believe Cindy would have taken drugs willingly.

FBI Special Agent Hunt Kincaid is part of the white collar crime unit and also the WMD coordinator. He is pulled in to the investigation of Pip’s friend because he’s tracking the development and sale of weaponized anthrax. Cindy was a grad student working on her PhD thesis on Anthrax and Hunt needs to make sure it was a coincidence and rule her out in his investigation.

Pip isn’t a fan of the police after her last investigation and Hunt has had a bad run-in with a reporter so the two are at odds immediately. Pip is a suspect when Hunt begins his investigation and she is also dealing with a lot of grief and some guilt as she fought with her best friend shortly before she died. I really liked both Pip and Hunt as individuals and rooted for them to get past their early differences. The romance was a slow burn as they spent the first half of the book at odds as they both investigated Cindy’s death but the attraction was there from the beginning and the romance picked up in the second half.

The suspense/mystery was masterfully written and kept me on the edge of my seat. There were plenty of characters who’s motivations weren’t clear and of course the question of whether the villain was motivated by money or ideology. There is plenty of action, danger, and a few twists and turns along the way to keep the reader guessing. I highly recommend this intense, sexy and thrilling romantic suspense book with unforgettable characters and a plot that could be ripped from today’s headlines!

Hooked On You Review


Hooked on You was a sweet, wonderful and very satisfying conclusion to a series that I will definitely miss now that it is over!

Violet and Bren have been antagonizing each other since the beginning of the series but it was also obvious that the two had a ton of chemistry. Both characters have deep and rich backgrounds and a lot going on in their lives. Bren is still within the first year of his sobriety and not only dealing with that but also trying to be a better father to his girls and win the trust of his team back. He feels he has too much on his plate to deal with Violet and AA recommends waiting a year before getting involved in a relationship. Violet is in what she calls “The Year of the V” after surviving breast cancer. She is still getting to know her sisters, figuring out where she fits in and what she wants with her life. Both Bren and Violet felt a bit like outsiders and both were struggling to make a “new” start in their lives. The first half was very much a slow burn and the pacing was slower. There were some great moments with Bren and his girls and some great moments with the secondary characters. I loved Violet’s relationship with Cade and I enjoyed how her relationship with her sisters progressed.

There were some very hot, sexy moments between Bren and Violet but this was more about family dynamics (Bren and his girls and Violet and her relationship with both Bren and his daughters and her sisters). There was still the trademark humor and we got to see plenty of the previous characters whom I adored (Remy, the incredibly hot Canjun, Vadim the hilarious and sexy Russian and my favorites Cade and Dante who are just sizzling together).

This book brought everything full circle and wrapped up the overall plot in a fun, romantic and very satisfying ending. I’ve loved every minute of reading this series and highly recommend it.

Wild Hunger Review


I have really been looking forward to Trick’s book but to be honest I also thought he’d end up with a male mate. However, I ended up loving him with Frankie and I like the way his bisexuality wasn’t just swept under the carpet but talked about between Frankie and Trick. I know some people have a problem with Suzanne Wright’s shifter books as they have a bit of a formula (as do many PNR books) but it works for me and I like it a lot. I know I’m going to get a very Alpha male hero who is dominant, sexy, protective and yet supportive of his mate. He’ll probably be a bit OTT dominant when it comes to sex, and there will be plenty of hot sex. The female will be tough as well and yes she’ll make fun of Greta in the same way all the other females do. She won’t be TSTL and she’ll have some type of “issue” or danger to face.

This book followed that formula but it was still fun, action packed, sexy and entertaining and different enough from the previous books that I really enjoyed it. I loved that Trick knew right away that Frankie was his mate and it didn’t take her long to figure it out either. I loved that they didn’t fight the fact that they were mates but they also didn’t mate right away. Trick gave Frankie plenty of time/space to deal with all the things/changes happening in her life and to get to know him by spending time together and dating. It made the romance so much more believable and sweet.

I like knowing that when I pick up a shifter book by Suzanne Wright I’m going to be entertained. I like knowing I’m going to like the characters and they won’t do something so stupid I want to throw my kindle across the room. I like knowing there will be a hot romance and a plot that ties everything together. What can I say I like this series and Wild Hunger was another wonderful book.

Innocent Target Review

38723523This is the 4th book in the series and while it could be read as a stand alone the secondary characters are all from previous books so I recommend starting with the first one. I like this series, the characters and it certainly has plenty of action and suspense. It also has two MC’s I liked. The hero, Axel is very straight forward, sexy, protective and Alpha. I also liked the heroine who was a bit younger but still strong. I liked that while she was out of her element with the changes in her life she also understood that her life had changed and wasn’t afraid to realize that not everything is black and white. She didn’t judge the actions of Axel or her brother and his friends. It was also VERY instant love which was a bit much at times but I overlooked that and still thoroughly enjoyed the book. I’m really looking forward to Gage’s book.

M/M Monday Riven Review

36135552I really loved this book. Both Caleb and Theo are damaged in their own ways and struggle throughout the book but they also both grow in a realistic way that I thoroughly enjoyed. Music is a huge part of this book and a huge part of both characters lives and I really loved how the music helped give insight to both characters. Caleb is struggling with his addiction and he has become aware of his triggers so he has cut himself off from the life he led as a musician which went hand in hand with his addiction. He’s living a very solitary existence until Theo comes along. I loved that the two guys had an instant connection and grew to love each other but that love wasn’t used as an instant cure all. In fact, loving Theo terrified Caleb and he had several times where he panicked because his feelings were so strong and he was afraid of how that might effect his sobriety. Theo struggled with his self worth and unless he was performing his confidence was pretty low. He desperately wants to fit in somewhere or with someone but constantly feels like an outsider and sometimes these feelings even cause him to pull away making it all a self-fulfilling cycle. This of course causes the majority of the angst in this book and if I had one quibble it would be that Theo forgave Caleb’s push/pull a little too easily considering it happened more than once. When Caleb would push Theo away it was even harder for him given his lack of self esteem and desire to be loved and I think more could have been done with the ramifications of Caleb doing this more than once.

I enjoyed the characters, the emotions, the secondary characters and the writing style. I enjoyed reading about Caleb’s battle with addiction and how realistic it felt. It definitely made me wonder if there was a book about Rhys and I will have to go look because it felt like there might/should be one.


Planet Dragos Review


Dragos and Pia are one of my all time favorite couples so it was a little bittersweet to read this final book featuring them but I loved the way the author wrapped up their story while still leaving it open for them to appear in future books as well as open up new opportunities for the future with the Elder Races world.

Planet Dragos has all the action, drama and of course just enough romance/emotion thrown in that I expect from a book featuring Dragos and Pia. I loved seeing Dragos’ primitive side when he realizes Pia has been kidnapped. I also loved seeing Dragos work side by side with Rune and to see those two finally work everything out between them and get back to the strong relationship between them.

There were changes that take place in this book that open up other opportunities for stories so as sad as I am to see Dragos and Pia’s story end I’m excited about the future and look forward to more books. Oh and I can’t forget “Death” who we are introduced to in this book and made quite an impression (I can only hope to see him again in a future book).

I finished this book feeling happy and while I hope to at least hear a bit about Pia and Dragos in the future I was very satisfied with the way things wrapped up.

A copy of this book was provided to me by the author. I voluntarily read this book and my comments here are my honest opinion

Her Last Word Review


I enjoy romantic suspense books by Mary Burton and this one was no exception. This book centers around Kaitlin who was a witness to her cousin’s abduction that was never solved when she was a teen. After many years she’s back in town and has decided to do a podcast of the disappearance by interviewing anyone who knew her cousin before the disappearance. When one of the women she interviewed is murdered the detective wonders if it could possibly be tied to the earlier disappearance and just how Kaitlin is involved.

The style is a bit different for this one as the chapters are divided by Kaitlin’s interviews or flashbacks of the abduction. As the book goes on the reader finds out more and more about what happened and who was involved. There are plenty of suspects and the reader has to decide who’s telling the truth and who’s lying. It’s a slow build on both the suspense and the romantic side but I enjoyed that about this book. I found myself wondering just exactly what happened all those years ago and who or if the current killer was the same person.

A thoroughly engaging suspense with likable characters with rich backgrounds and a slow burn romance that adds a bit to the story but keeps the mystery front and center.

I really enjoyed how this one was written. The chapters are divided by all of Kaitlin’s interviews … each person’s story is there for the reader to decide if they are telling the truth … or do they know more than they’re telling. Some chapters are Kaitlin’s memories of the night that Gina disappeared. The suspense starts building from the very page and builds to an explosive ending.

A copy of this book was provided to me by Netgalley and the publisher with no requirements for a review. I voluntarily read this book and my comments here are my honest opinion.