Tribute Act Review


Tribute Act is the 8th book in the Porthkennack Series but can easily be read as a stand alone. This book centers around Nathan who is a fixer and is told from his POV. Nathan likes to take care of people and he is hardwired to fix their problems. He quit his job in London and returned home to save his family’s business to the extent that he even gave his inheritance to do so. He is busy taking care of his mother, his sister, his stepdad and the family business and doesn’t spend much thought/time on himself. He meets Mack who is aloof and doesn’t like to be touched much and obviously hiding some pretty deep pain. The two have a very hot hook-up and are shocked when they come face to face and find out they are step-brothers.

Nathan has some insecurities that make him very down to earth and lovable and he is such a giver. A very sweet, real guy you can’t help but like. Mack doesn’t let anyone in and we find out that a lot of that has to do with the fact that his father abandoned him at age 15. You can’t help but just want to hug him and help him (that’s the way Nathan feels as well).

Nathan and Mack’s family play a big role in the book and are great secondary characters. While Derek, the stepfather/father isn’t a villain you can’t help but want to smack him a couple of times. He isn’t the most likable character but it keeps the book well rounded.

I love a good hurt/comfort book and this one had that in spades. I loved how the relationship progressed and built. The only thing I do wish is that it hadn’t jumped time quite so much. I loved the little moments between Nathan and Mack and could have read more of them.

I like the way the story progressed. I’m a sucker for hurt-comfort, and this story has both in spades. Mack is a wounded bird; his physical scars heal quickly, but his heart takes much longer to mend.

I really enjoyed this story and having the epilogue in Mack’s POC was a perfect end. This was my first book by Joanna Chambers but I’ll be taking a look at her other books to find a few more to read!



Seduction on the Slopes Review


Seduction on the Slopes was a quick, hot and fun read that I really enjoyed. It had some of my favorite things in it: sports, opposites attract, age difference, childhood crush, interracial couple and some humor.

I really liked the characters and while I found the initial reasons for them to hookup sexually unbelievable I just went with it and enjoyed the fun. I felt like the feelings from Crash were more believable than on Miles side and I wish there had been a better transition from hooking up to having feelings for each other. The whole thing happened it such a short time frame that I think it would have been more believable had the time period been longer. However, I still enjoyed the two men together and the sex was hot. The ending was wrapped up a little bit too easily and again I’m not sure an athlete at that level would ever make that decision but it was sweet.

So overall, while there were a few things that were a bit unbelievable I enjoyed the characters, the romance and the plot of the book. I didn’t read the first book in this series but I will go back and read it now.


Cam Boy Review


Cam Boy is the 3rd book in the series and can be read as a stand alone easily. Cam Boy centers around Josh who decides he wants to be a porn star because he likes the idea of the amount of money they make in a short amount of time. He is clueless when it comes to what is involved and does no research before going in for his audition. I’ll be honest I wasn’t a big fan of Josh in the beginning of this book – he was a bit selfish and definitely immature. His audition is set up with Mike who has been in the adult entertainment business for years and has become a bit jaded. The two have instant chemistry but Josh is nervous and clueless. Mike tries to help him out and get him to relax during their initial audition and when the two kiss the chemistry explodes enough that Josh gets a call back and an opportunity for his first role and he is once again paired up with Mike. To say things don’t go well between the two of them is a bit of an understatement and there are lots of mixed signals, hurt feelings and miscommunication but considering they don’t really know each other that’s to be expected. Josh decides that porn really isn’t for him. I thought the way the author continued the plot so that Josh and Mike stay in contact was very well done. I’m not sure I would have believed the two of them intentionally contacting each other for any other reason. I also loved the way their friendship grew. I don’t want to say too much more about that without giving too much away.

Thankfully Josh grew up a lot in this book and by the end I really liked him. I also liked Mike and the two had some great chemistry together. It was sweet with just a bit of angst and I enjoyed the secondary characters as well.

M/M Monday – Two Feet Under Review

36577380Once again this book revolves around a case and the romance is very much in the background of this book. In this book Robin is a newly promoted Chief Inspector and he’s moving in with Adam who is now a Deputy Headteacher. Adam is of course trying to stay out of his cases as he’s been in the middle of the last two but unfortunately Robin’s first big case takes place close to Adam’s new school and involves one of his student’s parents.

This case was a bit confusing and there were so many characters to keep straight that I found it a bit difficult. The majority of the book takes place during the questioning of witnesses and suspects and a lot of brain storming sessions while Robin tries to make sense of the clues. There are a lot of red herrings and that along with the mistaken identities and impersonations made this one a bit difficult to figure out what was going on. Sergeant Anderson plays an interesting role in this book and I can’t say whether I liked it or not but I found it a little surprising as I had liked him more in the previous books.

Overall, since so much of this book depends on the mystery and I found it just a bit frustrating this is a series that just might not be for me.  I like more romance in my M/M books.



M/M Monday – Romantic Behavior Review

36291125.jpgThis book really can’t be read as a stand alone IMO but it’s a great series so start at the beginning if you haven’t already.

The first three books the action was non-stop and Andreas and Darren faced one crisis after another. In this book we finally get to a point where the two guys can just be together and plan their wedding. The pace is slower in this book and there is no big case running through it but it’s a wonderful HEA and although there is not a lot of sex in this book there is one very hot scene between the two of them. Of course, not everything can be simple and there are some family issues along the way as well as some wedding stress but as with everything else Andreas and Darren face it all together. This has been a really great series and I really enjoyed reading about Andreas and Darren (I’m just a bit sad for it to end).

Silent Threat Review


Silent Threat is the first book in Mission Recovery and I really enjoyed it. Both Annie and Cole are very likable characters with a strong backstory and great character development. I really enjoyed the way they met and the relationship that developed. It was a slow friends to more build while Cole slowly came to the realization that his disabilities didn’t define him and Annie learned to trust someone. There was some angst but it was just the right amount and not OTT. A great mix of suspense and a slow burn romance as well. I really enjoyed the way the stalker plot and Cole’s reasons for “seeking treatment” came together. There were plenty of red herrings that kept me guessing and although I figured the villain out by the 50% mark I did second guess myself several times. I really liked that Annie was able to help Cole and the echo therapy was interesting but I’m also glad that it wasn’t a miracle cure for him. I also loved the banter and bit of humor that added to the book and made it a very well rounded read. I did think the climax was just a little bit rushed but I really enjoyed the epilogue at the end.

I really enjoyed this romantic suspense and look forward to another book in the series.


Pressure Head Review


There were some things I really liked about this book and a few things that frustrated me a bit. I really enjoyed the mystery of this story and thought it was very well done. The romance however was a bit odd. I never really believed the connection between Tom and Phil. It was all a bit awkward and every time they would start to connect one would say something that the other would take the wrong way and they’d blow up at each other. There was a lot of tension between the two of them but I didn’t feel like it resolved itself – it just disappeared and they decided to have sex with each other. The relationship was an extremely slow burn and until the very end it was more about sexual desire then anything else IMO. The pacing is a bit slow but as I mentioned I did really enjoy the mystery and although I figured out the motive very early on it didn’t take away from the enjoyment of watching Phil and Tom solve the mystery. I hope that in the future we get to know more about Phil. We were given a few bits of information about his past but really not enough that I connected with him as much as I did Tom. I want to know more about him and understand him a bit better. It’s hard to buy into the relationship since Phil still has so many barriers up and hasn’t really let Tom in.

Still overall I enjoyed this and I’m curious about where this relationship will go. I also liked the mystery and while I felt this was more mystery than romance since it’s the first book in a series I’m okay with that. I’ll read the next book to see where this one goes.



M/M Monday – Reckless Behavior Review


4.5 Charms! This book isn’t a stand a lone and you should definitely read books 1 & 2 first. The third book takes off right after the second book with Andreas still dealing with his ankle and of course Darren is still dealing with his brother’s health issues.

This book is incredibly fast paced and the characters are in crises mode for 95% or more of the book. This means no sex in the book but honestly with the situation they are dealing with it’s understandable. Now normally I want more heat and romance in my book but it would have felt out of place with the plot of this book. There may not have been any sex or big romantic moments but there was a lot of love, loyalty and devotion in this book. Andreas and Darren were 100% there for each other and they leaned on each other to get through. I loved this and I’m so glad that the relationship didn’t falter under all the strain of the situation.

The suspense is edge of your seat as the characters try to figure out who is behind the kidnapping and of course find Andreas kids. I couldn’t put it down until I got to the end and then I could finally take a breath and relax.

Reckless Behavior is a high octane, suspenseful book that tests the limits of both our MC’s and shows us that they can get through anything as long as they have each other. I enjoyed every minute of it and I’m really looking forward to the last book which should have some of the heat/romance this one didn’t. A series I highly recommend – lots of suspense, action, likable characters, great family moments and two men you can’t help but root for.

Blood Visions Review

365425001.5 Charms. I really liked the idea behind this book and the concept was really interesting. However, the execution was really lacking. The flow was incredibly choppy and the dialogue unrealistic. The author gives us too much information about small details and does a lot of telling versus showing. The name of the MC’s is repeated over and over again further throwing the flow of the book off. An example of the way the writing bugged me:


Ronan wants to start by checking out the building Ann Beth was taken from. Ronan read in the police file that there were some drag marks.

However, despite the writing style I kept reading and I did like the characters and the plot. However, even ignoring the grammar mistakes and editing issues the writing style just didn’t work for me.


M/M Monday – Only You Review


Only You had some potential and actually started off really good for me and then it completely derailed and was a bit of a mess IMO.

I love a irritable, but sexy sheriff so I was looking forward to this book. I actually didn’t feel like Rawley’s PTSD played a big role in the book and expected it to have a bit more impact but the fact that it didn’t was fine and didn’t effect my enjoyment of the book. As mentioned the book started off promising. I felt the chemistry between the sheriff and Case(y) and loved the scene where Rawley pins Case to a wall during a town BBQ and then drags a very willing Case to his truck and then to his house where some pretty hot sex takes place.

Unfortunately Rawley kind of turns into an immature, jealous man when Case gets a text from one of his ex-boyfriends. Case is also a pretty immature character who is basically a big ol’ slut who is sleeping with six men back home until he wakes up and figures out that they are just using him for sex and money. Although he’s basically using them right back for sex. He decides to change his life although not really seeing that as he starts having sex with Rawley within a week of meeting and the first time Rawley shows an interest. There’s quite a bit of cheesy dialogue (especially when Rawley answers Case’s phone the morning after their first night of sex when he sees it’s his aunt). BTW – didn’t really see why the previously closeted sheriff would answer the phone knowing that Case’s aunt would know they spent the night together and the fact that she’s a big gossip. Although I could understand Rawley’s jealousy a little bit when he sees the text he continues to throw jealous fits and demand that he be the only guy in Case’s life (after just being together the one time).

Case is an idiot at times. The author continually brings up the fact that he has six boyfriends back home and was having sex with all of them (sometimes more than one at a time) for the past few years. So Case breaks up with all the men via text (apparently he isn’t mature enough to do it in person) and then one of them comes to visit him. Instead of insisting that he means it and they are broken up he pays for a hotel room for his ex for a couple of weeks so he can stay near by. I never understood this and it’s never really explained except that it adds a little drama to the story by having Case’s ex hanging around.

Rawley is also still dealing with the loss of his partner (both romantic and professional) when he was killed a year ago. In the span of days Rawley gets over this and figures out he wasn’t to blame for the shooting. (Which reading the flashbacks seemed really strange and although I’m no expert on police procedure I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t happen like that).

Case and Rawley fall in love instantly. This was a huge case of instant love and it didn’t work for me at all. Rawley is a jealous jerk who leaves town for a week and doesn’t tell Case that he’s leaving or why until he gets back. Case tells Rawley he doesn’t want to jump right into a relationship but wants to date but as soon as Rawley gets back from his week away he’s admitting his love.

Finally, this book ends at a very bizarre point. There’s no real feeling that the book is over until you turn the page and realize that it is. Definitely could have used an epilogue or at least a bit of a wrap up at the end.

So after a promising beginning the immaturity of the MC’s and the instant love had me rolling my eyes and I this one just didn’t really work for me.